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2010 Coaches Quick Hits

Monday March 15, 2010

Quoting San Jose State head coach Mike MacIntyre: "We don't know the team that well, so we'll have six practices to evaluate players, then meet and say, ‘OK, here are our best players. Here are our pros and cons'

"Then we'll tweak the offense and defense to the best of our ability and have nine more practices to get the schemes in.''

Quoting Les Miles: "I felt like it was a very physical day. I want us to be physical. I said we were going to run the football, we're going to run the football."

Turner Gill talks about hiring his assistants: "It probably doesn't have to be this way, but I decided that I was not going to hire anybody who was going to be cursing and using that type of language. We are here to develop these people as young men, so we don't need to do that."

(Gill wants his players to talk): "I want to get them talking about something - it doesn't have to be about football - but something that involves more than just yes or no answers."

Quoting ULL head coach Rickey Bustle: "I'm happy with what I'm seeing on defense. This defense can really run. The old guys that we've blended in with the JUCO guys add some more speed because they can all run. We have three linebackers that can really run. There's no doubt that we're a fast defense. Offensively, we're still prodding along and trying to open some holes for the running backs."

Quoting Mike London: "We want to have a fullback in our offense - get back to having fullbacks."

Quoting ULM head coach Todd Berry: "At the first team meeting one of the things you have to state very clearly is what the expectations are. Not just on the football field, but socially and academically and we stated those pretty clearly in that meeting. The majority of this football team has done a tremendous job; I am really, really proud of these guys. They have been going to class and are doing things right socially. However, there were some guys that didn't want to make those steps with us and after several conversations with the staff, other individuals and myself, it was apparent that some of those guys were not going to conform to the team norms. As a head coach, you don't relish or desire for people to leave the program in the way that a couple of guys did, but it is my job as the head coach to protect those who want to do the right things for this program. We are going to do things the right way and that is the only way we are going to do them. If people are not willing to do that, then they are going to have to go find something else to do. I am not going to let individuals work within a team environment and distract from what we are trying to accomplish as a football team. We had a little bit of attrition, like every football team does, and then we had a few guys that we knew weren't going to make the trip and we knew that would happen. I am really happy about the guys who are making the trip with us right now."

"We chose to hold some scholarships back this year as we had about five other scholarships that we could have given out. I took a calculated risk and I believe it to be true. We don't have a large senior class this year and I think this next year is going to be a banner year in the state of Louisiana from a recruiting standpoint. I wanted to go in with the NCAA maximum 25 scholarships next year, because I wanted to touch on every position. I didn't want to not have enough scholarships to be able to fill every positional need we might have. We would like to have our recruiting base in the state of Louisiana. Based on the responses we've got from the young people we are recruiting right now and the more tape we watch on these young people, I believe the risk of holding scholarships back is going to pay off."