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2010 Coaches Quick Hits

Wednesday March 17, 2010

Great article on bowl expense reports: The Crimson Tide re­ported spending $4,296,631 on an eight-day trip that produced its first national title since 1992. Almost one­-third of the expenses came from bonuses to coaches and administrators. Texas spent a total of $2,359,051 over eight days.

Alabama spent $701,847 for meals and lodging for the team and staff and $193,987 for 83 members of its official party. The Crimson Tide spent $89,959 more than the Longhorns on entertain­ment and $91,256 more on awards.

Meanwhile, Auburn re­ported spending $1,363,096 at the Outback Bowl in Tampa after receiving $1,212,200 from the SEC as an expense allowance.

Auburn's largest single-­line expense was $427,823 on meals and lodging for the team and staff over eight days. Link...

Quoting Ed Orgeron: "The day that I left here I wanted to come back here, to be honest. USC is a great place and I love my position here. The chance to coach for the Trojans is just wonderful and I respect everyday that I get to coach."

"A lot of places have a couple of things that are really strong and obviously that is what you go after, but over here there are hardly any weaknesses. Especially with the private school education and football tradition, I don't think any school in the country can match USC."

"They could call me to come to USC at midnight and I would be here at midnight-01. I don't care. There is no bad time to come to USC."

 "We have to start building that fence again."

Quoting Jimbo Fisher: "We did some of that last year. The whole practice is based on (running) two and three drills at the same time. Splitting the guys up, and making sure guys get a ton of reps. Every guy's getting the same number of reps. There's not a lot of standing around."

"That's the way we're going to practice forever. That's the way we're going to practice as long as I'm the head football coach here."

Nebraska DC visits with Tulane staff: Nebraska secondary coach Marvin Sanders was hailed in by former Cornhusker (Tulane DC - Steve Stanard) to exchange some X's and O's.

Quoting Vanderbilt coach Bobby Johnson: "We are not going to forget about last year. I think it needs to be a motivating thing for us."

Quoting Greg Schiano: "I'm excited about this spring maybe more than the nine previous. We haven't been that young in a while, but I am not afraid of that. I think that is encouraging. We have a lot of young kids that have played considerable roles and now it is time to develop."

"We really have to improve. You look at the number of our guys that are playing in the National Football League now and many of them came in here as unheralded recruits. That is a real tribute to the coaching staff and the job they do at development as football players and as young men."

Quoting Cal special teams coordinator / tight ends coach Jeff Genyk: "It certainly should bring the ability to be decisive. Maybe not always correct, but I think anytime you have five years of college head-coaching experience, it really allows you to make quick decisions. You can be decisive with yourself, the players and the staff."

(On coaching the kickers & punters) "It helps not only that I did the actual task, but probably more importantly that I've coached it for so long. So when I put together their drills and their practice plan, hopefully it makes sense to them."

"Both those kids have a great desire to get better. Physically, they have the talent to be very good. I think they need to get mentally stronger. You're going to miss a field goal and you may pull a kickoff out of bounds. How do you respond after that? That's what I'm working on."

Les Miles comments on quarterback Jordan Jefferson: "These next two years will be fun with him. I think he'll give us the type of quarterback play we need."

Quoting Butch Jones: "It's a spread offense, a passing offense, but we're also going to run the football. In today's world of college football, one of the ways you play great defense is to protect your defense a little bit too, so we've got to be able to run the football.

"I'm all for scoring points, but there's going to be times when there's four minutes to go in the game we're up by seven. We've got to be able to control the clock and not put our defense back on the field."