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2010 Coaches Quick Hits

Thursday March 18, 2010

Dooley talks about lack of depth: "Long term, I'm not. But short term, I'm very concerned. I do think that over the course of a couple of recruiting years, we'll start getting a lot of stability, and I think the players will enjoy being a part of the program. But we do have some short-term concerns that really can't get fixed. We're extremely thin in a lot of areas. We've got a lot of inexperience in a lot of areas, but that's only going to get fixed in time."

"We've got to start developing our brand of how we compete and how we play. We shouldn't ever lose sight of that. I'm talking not just schematically, but from an intangibles standpoint -- what kind of competitive spirit we practice and play with, what's our discipline level, what's our toughness level, what's our effort level."

"Ultimately, we want to be a team that's enjoyable to watch for the fans."

Quoting Urban Meyer: "I didn't know what to expect.. Usually I'm more involved in the kicking game, little more involved in the offense. And I will be more involved. I think springtime I'm usually like this. Let these guys coach, and everybody do their job and see what we got. We got four new coaches."

"I really like our coaches. Our special teams coordinator [D.J. Durkin], the eye of the tiger is on him and he did a good job. He did a great job today."

Quoting Boston College head coach Frank Spaziani: "Last year, we were in the emergency room and in bad shape. We survived that, but we're not out of the doctor's care. We got over that ‘Oh my God!' hump, but we've still got to take our medicine. So the process continues."

"Wide receiver is a big, big question mark. We're losing a lot of productivity."

(On his running backs) "Like the racehorses, in training, they looked pretty good. We're anxious to see these guys."

Quoting Memphis head coach Larry Porter: "We're not done recruiting. `We'll probably sign another two, three, maybe even four guys. But we want to make sure that the guys we're bringing in will be at a position to help us right away."

Quoting Rich Rodgriguez: "The secondary and the outside receivers are probably the positions where we lost some guys and have some concerns. But we have some talent. The thing is there's a lot of unknowns there. As a coach you worry about it. I'm hoping after spring practice I'll feel more comfortable with it, because we have some young talent there."

"Frankly, as I said, there may be some young guys coming and challenging them in August."

Quoting Jeff Tedford: "We're probably going to pressure the passer a little bit more. That was one thing we didn't do a great job last year was pressure the passer, which kind of lends to 111th-ranked in pass defense. You've got to disrupt the timing of the passing game. So to get more pressure on the passer will be key. That's going to be the obvious thing."

Dooley outlines his media policies: "I think you can get too much of a coach. I think people get sick of hearing and reading the guy, 'cause, ultimately, I'm going to keep saying the same stuff."

"Probably my biggest challenge here is being able to balance all that.'' Link...

Dooley's mother talks: "The problem with Derek right now is he is trying hard to focus on his staff, his team, on spring practice," Barbara Dooley said. "Once he gets his ducks in a row, he will absolutely open his arms to you guys (in the media). But for now, let me tell you, he's cut me off, too. We used to talk about three days a week. Now we're down to one, which is really ticking me off."

"But I'm being patient."