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2010 Coaches Quick Hits

Tuesday March 23, 2010

Quoting Nick Saban: "We like to practice on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday in the Spring, and practice two days before the spring game. We always have one extra practice, kind of a wildcard practice, and it's always a question, do you do it before spring break or do you do it after the spring game? We've done it both ways and we feel like, with this particular team, to get started - especially with the young guys we have on defense - it's good to expose them. It's good to give them something to take home with them during break, and actually get to spend a little bit more time with them before the break."

Quoting Chris Petersen: "I just think Bob Stoops has done such a great job at Oklahoma over the years - he's got his formula on success. I just have a bunch of questions. And I want to watch how they practice."

Quoting Indiana coach Bill Lynch (on moving to 3-4 defense): "We've got to keep people in third-and-mediums. We gave up third-and-shorts too much, so we've got to be better on first down. I think being more multiple on first down and doing some things from a 3-4 front can help us get (opponents) in third-and-long."

Quoting Randy Edsall (on his defensive backs): "There's ability there, but boy, ... some of the guys are making the mistakes you don't like. ... When their eyes are not where they're supposed to be and they're ... staring certain things down and not reading the correct keys, that's something they've got to get fixed quick and we've got to help them . If not, we've got to get somebody else in there."

Quoting Georgia defensive line coach Rodney Garner: "Football is football, but it's the scheme. It's a much different scheme than what we did. The terminology is completely different, and it's a lot to grasp."

"We're putting a lot in at a time. We're trying to learn it and get it and then get it all to our kids. Coach Grantham is going full speed trying to get everything in so we can get good at."

Mark Richt talks about Rodney Garner: "His responsibility has really grown. When we do pass skeleton, Coach Grantham will still be there, but Rodney is handling the pass rush. So the outside linebackers who are working on their rush skills, Coach Garner is now teaching pass rush from inside and out. His responsibility has grown, but he's excited about it."

Mike Sherman talks about new inside linebacker coach Dat Nguyen: "His intelligence, knowledge and passion for the game are what impressed me most."

Quoting Mike Sherman: "I want as little time as possible between spring ball and the start of the season because I want there to be more carryover in the fall. Our players made great strides last spring...and I look for more improvement across the board this year."

Quoting Utah State head coach Gary Anderson: "Even though we have a lot of returners, no one's job is guaranteed. There will be competition at every position this spring. One of our main goals is to improve in all areas, specifically administrative penalties, as well as our production in the red zone, both offensively and defensively. On offense, we've got to get touchdowns; while on defense, we've got to do a better job preventing the other team from scoring."

Quoting Tommy Tuberville: "I'm not looking for a quarterback controversy and we won't have that. We'll have a starter coming out of the spring -- probably the guy that did the best."

"But there will still be competition going into the end of the 14 days of two-a-days [in the fall]. And then two weeks before our first game we'll name the starter and give him a chance to get his feet on the ground and take most of the snaps with the first-team offense."

"I don't care who the starters were last year, they've got to re-earn it this year. I want to see a lot of competition for the next three or four weeks, and we've got to get an idea of what we're going to be headed into the fall."

Quoting new Georgia Southern head coach Jeff Monken: "We had the same problems (starting at Tech) - guys (were) learning a new system and it was tough. We got through 15 practices up there and we weren't sure we could win a football game."