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2010 Coaches Quick Hits

Wednesday March 24, 2010

Interesting quotes from Notre Dame head coach Brian Kelly: "We don't spend the day looking at, ‘All right, what's the board look like? I really don't care what the board looks like. Get the guys at those particular positions, let's let those guys compete. I'm a big believer in next-man-in."

"Their attention to detail is not where it needs to be. Their discipline is not where it needs to be. They need to care about themselves and their football players a lot more. I'm tired of hearing about the next NFL player coming out of Notre Dame, quite frankly."

"They need to understand who we are. We're creating an atmosphere that's a little bit different than we're used to. The positives? They want to win. And they are on board 100 percent. But we're working through those every single day."

Mike Stoops talks about new AD Greg Byrne: "I got a call from him today and it's great. He's a well-respected AD and has done some good things down there, so we're excited to get him here. I think he's good for us and we're excited to have him."

(more from Mike Stoops): "Obviously, facilities is something that we are dearly need in this program, and being able to raise money and give us the facilities we need to compete on a national level is imperative. I certainly believe the president fully supports that."

Quoting San Jose State head coach Mike MacIntyre: "The first phase of spring practice was to instill the type of attitude we want out there and evaluate players. As a staff, we needed to evaluate players and figure out where we need to put them and what our strengths and weaknesses are."

"We will sit down over spring break and figure out exactly the way we want to go. Then, we'll install a little more of our offense and defense."

Quoting Purdue OC Gary Nord: "We feel better with the perimeter. We've got kids coming back that have started in a game. Last year, we were sitting here without any perimeter kids starting. We had some kids that have done well against big time competition. We have a chance to build on it instead of develop it."

(Q: Do you need to come out of spring practice with a No. 1 quarterback?)

"We don't need to do anything, but the earlier the better. The most important thing is to get the right one. We're not going to put a time table on it. Whenever the kid wins it and deserves it, he'll be named it. There's a lot involved in it. He has to win the team over and he's got to be able to execute within the system and be productive. It's going to take some time."

Quoting Paul Rhoads: "We have an objective with our football team. It's continuous improvement."

"A year ago, I talked about improvement with every facet of our program. Well I don't need a whole new mantra or slogan. We need to continuously improve in everything that we are doing. We have that much growth that we have to achieve still."

Quoting Northern Colorado OC Greg Petersen: "The neat thing about this offense through its history is whether you have a running quarterback or a dropback quarterback or a combination of guys, it is all within this package. So we'll use their strengths and find the best player to win."

"Looking at last year's team, there were a lot of games where the Bears had a chance to win. So we are on the verge of doing something special, and that is exciting, too."

Cal player talks about new special teams coordinator Jeff Genyk: "He wants us to be aware of everything, from how we wipe our brow to whether we breathe in our left nostril or right nostril. He has us write down everything that happens, from when we start taking our steps back to actually kicking the ball. It's everything we do - how we warm up, how we kick, how we take our steps, how we breathe when we take our steps, where we look. He wants all of that set in stone."

Quoting Buffalo coach Jeff Quinn: "It's a process and it takes time. It's not an overnight thing. That's why it's important that we go through these 15 practices and get our kids locked in and have a good feeling."

"You always want to make every spot competitive and the best ones should emerge. I'm excited about our system, I'm excited about our offense, our special teams and the coaches coaching and think our kids are eager to get to that point too."