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2010 Coaches Quick Hits

Thursday March 26, 2010

Urban Meyer lashes out at Orlando-Sentinel reporter (article & video):Link...

Quoting Brian Kelly: "(These players) get it. Nobody wants to be made an example of, I guarantee you that. We did not lose one guy in this football program (since his hiring). Whereas, in the last three programs we had a mass exodus. This group understands how important it is to jump on board."

"That first day, we went out (on the practice field) at 5 a.m. We had snowbanks on the field. (That) was to send all of our players a message about what it takes to be successful."

"They want to win. They are on-board (with the program's new philosophies) 100 percent.

"Their attention to detail is not where it needs to be. Their discipline is not where it needs to be. They need to care about themselves and their football (teammates) a lot more. I'm tired of hearing about the next NFL player coming out of Notre Dame, quite frankly. We're creating an atmosphere that's a little bit different."

3 questions Nick Saban asked Mark Ingram after winning the Heisman:

1. "Is this going to change you?"

2. "How are you going to respond to people and how they respond to you, because they are going to act differently toward you now?"

3. "How are you going to do something to affect other people because of the status you've gained by winning this?"

Dan Mullen talks about new DC Manny Diaz: "He reminds me of me in a lot of ways, you know, as a very progressive thinker in the game of football. Very, very intelligent when it comes to his defense, not afraid to think outside the box."

Quoting Southern Miss DC Todd Bradford: "We've spent a lot of time researching quarterback run plays and things people are doing with their quarterbacks. We feel like we'll have a better plan. We also need to develop more of an identity on defense this year."

"I would imagine there ought to be a chip on the shoulder for everybody. We didn't win conference and there ought to be a chip on every coach's shoulder and every player's shoulder."

ACC coaching salaries: According to the Sun-Sentinel, here's the ACC's ranking of coaches according to pay for the 2010 season:

1. Paul Johnson, Georgia Tech. - $2.3 million ($3.33 million possible with bonuses)

2. Jim Grobe, Wake Forest - $2.17 million ($2.5 million)

3. Butch Davis, North Carolina - $2.15 million ($2.26 million)

4. Ralph Friedgen, Maryland - $2.03 million ($2.56 million)

5. Frank Beamer, Virginia Tech - $2 million ($2.42 million)

6. Jimbo Fisher, Florida State - $1.8 million ($2.6 million)

7. Dabo Swinney, Clemson - $1.75 million ($2.63 million)

8. Mike London, Virginia - $1.7 million ($2.27 million)

9. Tom O'Brien, North Carolina State - $1.52 million ($2.63 million)

10. David Cutliffe, Duke - $1.5 milliion ($1.5 million)

11. Randy Shannon - $900,000 ($900,000)*

12. Frank Spaziani - $900,000 ($900,000)

Quoting LSU tight ends coach Steve Ensminger: "I've coached for 28 years, and I've coached at some great schools. But probably every coach in the country who's coached on the college level would love to get back to the school they played at, so this is really exciting."

"Dick Vermeil was an outstanding coach, and knowing I wanted to coach, I asked if I could stay a little while longer just to learn the philosophy. He is the smartest coach I've ever been around. We'd have quarterback meetings that would last four or five hours."

Bob Stoops implementing parts of Saban's practice routine: "We coaches get together here and there, share ideas and usually there are always different ways of looking at things and seeing things through someone else's eyes and that is what coaches do to a degree. So it just depends on who it is."

(Quoting OU running back Mossis Madu): "Coaches don't want to see guys standing around. No more second team waiting around for the first team to get done. It's a thing where everyone is doing something all the time."