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2010 Coaches Quick Hits

Friday March 26, 2010

Pete Carroll interview:Video...

Quoting Penn State OC Jay Paterno: "Obviously, it's a lot different. You can't immediately do all the things we did last year with Daryll. We were able to do a lot from Day 1, so that makes it different. It's challenging, it's going to be a lot of fun, and it's why you coach. If this was the NFL, we'd have re-signed Daryll for five more years, and I'd have no worries this spring. But that's the difference between college and pro. We've got to move on."

"How we are schematically, we start with the things that they handled last year and were comfortable with, and seemed to build from there. In the back of my mind, the ideal situation is they develop into all the things we want to do with them. But you're starting with the base point of what they could handle last fall, and you continue to build on that. If you get all the way to all the things you want to do, then great. If not, you've got to run with what they're best at doing. We're not going to be drastically different. We have a system that we're in now, and we're going to pretty much be in that system. We're not going to all of a sudden become three tight ends, two backs. We're not going to be running the wishbone."

Quoting Dan Mullen: "I'm ready to hear some different sounds out on the fields Saturday morning. We had two good days of instruction, now we need to see who's going to step up and hit somebody."

Quoting New Mexico quarterbacks coach David Reeves: "The number one thing is we have to have a great decision maker. Our guys have got to make the right decision with the football. You have got to protect the ball, great footwork, timing and all the fundamentals of the position. We've got to find a guy that can put the ball in the right place at the right time."

"In this offense, you have to run the show. It's a no-huddle offense that makes all the calls on the line of scrimmage. The guys have done a good job. There is a lot of thinking and heads are swimming a little bit right now, but once we get this thing down, they will be a vocal leader out (on the field) for us."

Quoting Memphis head coach Larry Porter: ''They are trying to digest what the coaches are teaching them. 'And they are also trying to get a feel for scheme and certain techniques and fundamentals we're trying to teach them as well."

''As we move toward this third week of spring ball, we'll transition into it being a more of a physical process for us and letting toughness be a trademark of who we really are.''

Quoting Wyoming head coach Dave Christensen: "A little bit like last year. Come outside for the first time [and it's] not the way we want it to be, not very good concentration offensively. Dropped balls, fumbles, things that'll get your butt kicked if you do that in the season."

"I thought there was some good hitting and the defense is coming along. It's going to take a lot of reps because we're putting in a whole new defense, but I was excited about the physicalness and the hitting on that side of the ball."