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2010 Coaches Quick Hits

Tuesday March 30, 2010

Tommy Tuberville post-practice video interview:Video...

Quoting Steve Sarkisian: "The expectations are higher. I think they're in the outside world, but they're high within our locker room. These guys, they want to achieve greatness. They feel like it's there. They feel like there were some missed opportunities last year. There's a lot of belief. Our guys are believing in our systems. They're believing in our offseason program. They believe in each other. And it's created a very exciting atmosphere."

"My vision is to become a more physical offensive football team. We were flashy in that area of our play sometimes, but when it really came down to punching people in the mouth, we weren't able to do that. You can point to some of those games where we kind of got knocked around when we really tried to run the football, and for us to take this offense to another level, we need to run the football. That's only going to create more big plays in our passing game. So that's the goal. That's what we've got to get to."

Quoting SMU wide receivers coach Jeff Reinebold (Reinebold is battling cancer while continuing to coach): "It really does help you realize that every day is precious. Every interaction you have ... is really important. Being out here today makes you think, how many of these do you have left?"

Quoting Mississippi State defensive coordinator Manny Diaz: "All we want to do as a defense is make sure the other team has one less point than we have at the end of the game. We want to be a winning defense no matter what that takes."

"Numbers don't mean anything if you don't win games. They don't give out trophies for being the number one defense in the nation. They give out trophies for winning games, and that's all we care about."

Coaches: Read this article to protect your contract (Louisville assistants file suit)

Former Mississippi State AD Greg Bryne talks about Dan Mullen: "He's doing a great job. He has such a good grasp of his role as head coach. He's brought an energy level that we felt we needed. He's done a wonderful job recruiting in-state. When I spend time around the student athletes, they have bought in to what's being demanded of them: the accountability of the weight room, the accountability to their teammates, and what's expected for them both on and off the field. He is absolutely the shot in the arm that Mississippi State football has needed. He's done such a remarkable job working with the football team to get them in the position to where they were competitive in almost every game, and to where you went in there feeling like we got a shot to win this thing. I don't see that doing anything but improving."

(On hiring the next AD): You need tremendous energy. As I tell every person I meet with who's interested in this, it's a lifestyle not a job. You need somebody with vision to where the university can go with its athletic department. You need somebody who has relationships out there both regionally and nationally. You need somebody that has a backbone and can stand up and making challenging decisions that not everybody's gonna like. But if you do what you think is best for the athletic department and the university and the student athletes and the fans, and try to balance those things out, and being able to listen to people around you and decide what you need to listen to and what you don't need to listen to. Then somebody that cares about the people here. Regina and I both genuinely, genuinely cared about the student athletes, the people in this athletic department and our fans.

UNLV coach Bobby Hauck talks about his schedule: "We've got our hands full. But no one on the schedule's a gimme. That doesn't matter. We have to play them as they come."

Quoting LA Tech head coach Sonny Dykes: "You want it to look complicated, but to really be simple. What offense is all about is that it doesn't really matter what kind of offense you run. It's all about execution and having something to hang your hat on."

"We're not playing at the tempo that we need to be playing at by any stretch of the imagination, but we're getting closer to getting there. It's a process, it really is. These guys think they're playing fast right now, but we'll get faster and understand better, and it'll just become second nature to play fast after a while."

Tuberville talks about running at the end of practice: "We'll do that every day, almost every day. And then we'll do it as we go along in the season. We've got a long way to go to have a chance to get to the championship game and win it. But it's not just in the football part. It's in conditioning and running and lifting.''

Lane Kiffin takes coaches on practice field: Kiffin says, "Orgeron worked up a sweat up running around. James Cregg was trying to block him and they were going one-on-one pass rush."

"I was just trying to walk through the practice plan so everyone knew where to go, and all of a sudden they started running their team things. So they're obviously excited to get out there."

Quoting Joker Phillips: One thing that we've tried to stress in this off-season is that we're trying to take it to the next level. Our goal is to take the next step. It's being able to consistently beat the Floridas and the South Carolinas and the Tennessees. So we've upped the intensity, there's no doubt about that. The intensity level is up, the accountability is up. We're holding them accountable to get to where they're supposed to be, meaning class on time, meaning workouts on time. We're definitely holding them accountable and we're also making it a more intense atmosphere and a more competitive atmosphere.

The offensive coordinator, Randy Sanders, will call the plays. The head coach always can veto, and I'll definitely try to stay out of the way but there are some things I see too. There are some things I'll see that I want called on both sides of the ball. As head coach I want to make sure our schemes are sound, make sure fundamentally we're sound, and make sure we're playing with effort in all three phases.

Well, ‘Operation Win' for our players is winning in the classroom, and that's getting the best possible grades you can get. We want to win in the community by doing community service. We want to get this community to embrace this football team and let this community know this is their program. The third thing is winning on the field. Winning on the field, doing everything in your power in the classroom, the weight room, and on the practice field to win.

Mike Stoops talks about field issues: "This field is just getting worn out. It's just not healthy. ... You have to protect the safety of your players."

"It's the only time we can get a facility. We can't get a facility anywhere. The high schools are using their facilities for activities after school. So, it's just the only time we could find a place to practice."

"It is what it is. We'll make do."

Quoting June Jones: "You want to teach the kids how to win consistently. One year at 8-5 is not where we want to be. We want to be conference champions. We've got to take another step to doing that. As you keep inching that along and keep getting more players coming in, your vision becomes bigger."

Quoting GA Tech defensive coordinator Al Groh after practice 1: "We've got 43 more practices in five months. So this is just the first step down that process."