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2010 Coaches Quick Hits

Wednesday March 31, 2010

Quoting Monte Kiffin: "I'm going to coach forever. I don't hunt. I don't golf. I don't fish. I don't bowl. I love coaching."

Lane Kiffin talks about Monte: "It's really not strange, because of his personality. He's so easygoing and gets along with everybody. I love it from that standpoint, not because I'm related to him, but because he's such a phenomenal coach and teacher of our players and coaches."

Lane and the Trojans going to work on Day 1, here's the schedule according to USCRipsIt:

2:15 p.m. Special teams meeting

2:35 p.m. Team meeting

2:45 p.m. Offense/defense meetings

3 p.m. Position meetings

3:45 p.m. On the field

4 p.m. • Practice #1 begins

Richt talks about being back in the quarterback position meetings: "Like I told Mike (Bobo) and the staff, I'm not in there to make them crazy at all. But I'm in there because, No. 1, I do miss it and because I want to be able to add as much value as I can as we go."

"This spring in particular, we're trying to make a decision on a starter and I want to make sure I understand completely. I want to see [the players] react to coaching. I want to see them answer the questions that [Bobo] has to ask them. I want to just kind of get a taste of how they are handling the pressure.

"A lot of times [in recent years], I would watch practice film separately from the staff and maybe make my notes and talk to the staff about things I saw. But what I have decided to do is just be in there every day as they're going over it and make sure we're all on the same page."

Quoting North Texas offensive coordinator Mike Canales: "I told our kids we were going to come out and try to create a hard-edged mentality. We were not going to worry about points or scoring touchdowns. I wanted to see if we could run the football. We were able to do that, had some good runs and used multiple sets."

Video interview with Florida State quarterbacks coach Dameyune Craig:Video...

Bobby Petrino post-practice video interview:Video...

Quoting VA Tech offensive coordinator Bryan Stinespring: "It's nice to have some depth. It's nice to have some options. It's nice, really, to have the pieces of the puzzle fitting together more than they have in the past. For every year previously, you had to replace a group of receivers or you had to replace an offensive line or you had to have dual quarterbacks. It was something every year. And every year, we got better as the year went along, but you'd have those three, four, five games at the beginning of the season that you had to find your niche, your station in life, what you could and couldn't do. "

We've tinkered a little bit more with the concept of a two-tailback offense. We've done that in the past, sprinkled it three, four, five snaps in a game, but I think we want to be more multidimensional within that. When we have two tailbacks in the game, we want to have them involved in some other aspects of the offense."

Quoting Marshall head coach Doc Holliday: "The No. 1 thing we want to learn is who our playmakers are, who can come into a game and make plays for us. We want to develop toughness, put a lot of emphasis on fundamentals and install most of our offense and defense.

Quoting UNC head coach Butch Davis: "I'd say we had six juniors who could have left, and they all would have gotten drafted pretty high. Kids, in this day and age, are a lot more likely to go. So for them to look at their options and decide to stay, I think it says a lot about what we're doing here and the kind of program we have."

Dooley and assistants interviewed Wilcox in Denver: Wilcox's interview lived up to his resume. Dooley and assistant coaches Terry Joseph and Lance Thompson flew out to Denver, where they talked serious football with Wilcox for about six hours.

"We talked a lot about philosophy," Dooley said "We talked about schemes. We got on the board."

"It happens pretty quickly with me," Dooley said. "I usually know pretty early ... 'Now, he's got to screw it up.'

"He didn't screw it up." Link...