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2010 Coaches Quick Hits

Sunday April 4, 2010

Spurrier and South Carolina will implement the Wildcat formation: "We definitely plan on using it. Stephon (Gilmore) does a good job running it and he passes as good as any of our quarterbacks."

Richt and UGA strength coaches visit VA Tech winter-conditioning drills: "We were just trying to get a gauge and a taste for how they work those kinds of things. We wanted to see it done another way."

Quoting VA Tech strength coach Mike Gentry: "Our mat drills have always been just one-fourth of our workouts, so we've never made it the highlight of the workout. We've never really gone a lot of minutes with that part of the workout. We haven't really changed them much over the course of 20-plus years. It's usually a 10-minute period. We're usually very aware and safety-conscious with our kids. The last thing we want to do is put a guy at risk. If a guy isn't making it, there's never a time where we're not going to take care of them the best we can."

Quoting Nick Saban: "Everybody has to change and adapt. We're in a different circumstance. We have a different team. We're going to be a different team. We need to do better on offense. We need to score more points, we need to make more explosive plays. We need to get more consistent performance at every position, including quarterback."

"And we need to change our system so that we can take advantage of some things. ... Everybody that goes out there every day is either getting better or getting worse. They're not staying the same."

"I tell the players all the time, when you get corrected and get coached, you're not getting evaluated, you're getting taught."

"We're teaching. We want you to learn, and we want you to get better, and we want you to improve, and we want you to gain confidence."

Quoting Kirk Ferentz: "Success, any achievement, it's the result of a process. It's their willingness to go through that process that will determine how they will do."

Quoting Dan Hawkins: I truly believe that the overwhelming majority of people have been very positive, supportive and constructive. Every day I run into people that are very encouraging and supportive, and I am most appreciative of that. Very few days go by when I don't get a letter, call, or personal contact with supportive tones. Many of the media guys are awesome as well; you can't paint a whole profession or people with one stroke. I like the fact that our fans want and expect a winner. I came here because of the championship tradition and the expectation of getting back there.

I understand what you are getting at -- the reality of modern technology and information-exchange has changed dramatically over the past 15 or so years. The great thing is definitely more information and exchange of ideas, but maybe a worrisome aspect is we seem to be turning into a society of critics and it seems like very few are happy about anything going on anymore. It really doesn't matter the subject, there is less problem solving and more condemning and pointing fingers. It is a tough time in our country as well, the war, politics, the economy, etc., and many don't seem to be too happy with anything these days. It's not just sports or Colorado, it's everywhere.

But I like our fans, and our students have been nothing short of awesome, and we have some very dedicated and generous financial supporters as well.

Colorado going back to old uniform look: Dan Hawkins says, "We are honoring the 1990 national championship team this year, and will be wearing the same uniform they wore at all home games. We know there are some out there who don't like the uniforms, but our players love them and their look, and so do the recruits. They are as sharp as they get in college football. We were able to add silver in them to honor the older Buffs and recognize one of our two official school colors."