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2010 Coaches Quick Hits

Monday April 5, 2010

Quoting 30-year old Syracuse QB's / passing game coordinator Nate Hackett: "They really put a lot on me and allowed me to do quite a bit. I think I just got involved in so many different aspects of the game, from the organizational standpoint, to drawing (up) runs, passes, pass protections, and I had to be right every time. In the NFL, you're kind of called out a little more. So if you're wrong, you know, you get booed."

 "Whatever Coach Marrone wants me to do, I'm going to do to the best of my ability. I'm going to be prepared for whatever he asks of me on game day. Right now, we don't know. We won't know, probably, until that first game."

"You're more of a role model instead of an equal. That's probably the hardest thing right now, because I want to be their buddy when I need to be their coach."

Quoting Doug Marrone: "I'm very pleased with the way our quarterbacks and our receivers, and everyone, even our coaches, have responded to his leadership, in the (film) room and on the field," Marrone said. "I feel very comfortable that if I'm not able to be around the offense, or be around the whole situation because of my responsibilities as head coach, I can sleep at night knowing that Nathaniel's there."

Quoting Tubs: The big thing that you want to do in a new program is find out number one: who gives effort, who your leaders are, and what you need to change. I've been very pleased with a lot of things here, especially the leadership. Our players are learning how to play at the speed we want them to play. Then, you want to teach them how to finish the play; how to do things right for the entire play and not half a play. It's gone well.

Defense is defense, whether it's a three-man front or a four-man front. I've coached as much four-man front in my life as I have three-man front. The reason we're going to a three-man front here is because of the competition that we play against. In this league, we play a lot of passing teams. So if you have to have success in terms of nickel and dime defenses, then you have to have a lot of speed on the field.

Quoting Gene Chizike: "This time last year there were tempo issues. We don't have those anymore. Today, when the offense went uptempo, the defense got worn down. Then the defense turned around and found a way to fight back and get some turnovers and get back into the game.''

Quoting Paul Wulff: "This is probably the most quality scrimmage we have had since we have been here in terms of depth on both sides of the line. It was crisp, a lot like practice on Thursday and our intensity level was solid the whole practice. It was the first time we have put back-to-back quality practices together."