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2010 Coaches Quick Hits

Wednesday April 7, 2010

Quoting Nick Saban: "I think it's important for the players to understand that the identity of this team will come from what they do, not what last year's team did. That's history, it's over. You can't defend a national championship. It's history.

"I think the offense is a little ahead of where we are defensively. We've got all our skill people back on offense -- the receivers, the runners, all the quarterbacks. They've all made improvement. Defensively, we've got some rebuilding to do. There's a little bit of difference in knowledge and experience right now, so this spring is good for the development of a lot of young defensive players."

Oregon president pushed out Bellotti (Interesting article & video):Link....

Quoting Arizona State OC Noel Mazzone:"Ninety percent of the time we're going to be in the shotgun. Very seldom will we huddle and we want our guys to play as fast as we can play and to be up on the ball and ready to go."

"I hate to be cliché here, but I've always believed the will the win is nothing without the will to prepare."

Quoting Kansas OC Chuck Long: "We're going to be half and half, half under center, half in the (shotgun). We want to be able to go under center for some of our run game and play-action game."

Akron head coach Rob Ianello got them up at 5:30 am on Saturday: "At 5:30 on Saturday morning I got the team up, had them at the indoor facility, and we had a little extra credit assignment."

"A small step forward for team. A small step forward for commitment. A small step forward for everybody being on the same page and trying to work for the same brand."

"One-fail, all-fail."

Quoting NC State head coach Tom O'Brien: "It's what we've been trying to do anyway since we've been here. That's one of the things that was a trademark of our football team at Boston College, being a strong, physical football team. We haven't even been close to those types of things since we've been here. I think we're finally getting the hang of it and figuring out what we have to do. We'll keep pushing and keep trying to be stronger and tougher."

Interesting part of article on Arkansas' practice yesterday: "Strength and conditioning coach Jason Veltkamp was directed to make the first-teamers run sprints as Petrino sat Bequette, Love and Cook down in the middle of the field, where they were told to watch their teammates run. After a few sprints, Petrino walked over and had more words for the trio and sent them to the locker room for the day as the rest of the team practiced." Source:

Quoting Arkansas special teams coordinator John L. Smith: "Today was a lackadaisical day. We need to be on them a little bit more as coaches. They need to look inside and take a look at each other and pull each other along. That's what leadership is about. It was that way the entire practice, the minute we came out."

Quoting Arkansas State head coach Steve Roberts: "Obviously we're installing a new system and there are opportunities that the other quarterbacks will get during the spring. We don't have to name a starter until before our first ballgame, so we probably won't."