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2010 Coaches Quick Hits

Thursday April 8, 2010

Jimbo loses it after practice (Irate): "Didn't practice worth a flip on either side. Went back to the same routine. Very disappointing. We didn't practice hard. Ain't got a back with any toughness. We didn't execute. Quarterback played not worth a flip. Couldn't pick up a blitz on offense. Ain't got a receiver that can make a play. I thought it was the worst ball we played all spring. It's in the culture. It's in the mentality around here. We accept it around here. They don't have the mind they want to play."

"Anytime we do good anymore, it surprises me. We could pass block anybody. Offensive line packed it in. "

Jimbo video

Spurrier says he call the play & be a jerk: "I called most all of them last year, but I'm going to call them all this year. Sometimes, you think, 'Well, it's probably best to delegate a little bit more, this, that and the other.'

"But, no, I told the guys the other day that I'm going to go back to doing it the way I did it at Florida. I'm going to call the plays, or else they're going to all come through me."

"I'm going to yell and scream and be a jerk. I hope one or two players say, 'That coach Spurrier is yelling at us all the time.' Nobody has said that lately. I'm going to try and be a little bit more of a jerk to some guys, because we've put up with too much soft play, put up with pitiful effort by some guys and put up with just not good team play."

Alabama tight end Preston Dial talks about OC Jim MacElwain: "It amazes me how talented (McElwain) is, and (he) can take that offense in whatever direction he wants, depending on our strengths and weaknesses. We're trying to make sure we capitalize on some of the plays we missed last year."

Urban Meyer barked at his team yesterday after practice: "No stealing, no drugs, no weapons!" There's a good decision and a bad decision. Make that good decision!"

"We have a drug policy here!" You smoke marijuana, you won't play football!"

Quoting Florida wide receivers coach Zach Azzanni: "Those (speeches) were about three times a day back in (2001). Actually, it kind of fires me up. That's the Coach Meyer I remember."

Quoting Houston Nutt: "We had very few running lanes today for our backs. We have a thousand miles to go. That's what we expected, but we got to pick it up."

"I've been telling you all week the defense is good. The defense up front gives us a chance because of experience. The guys in the trenches are strong and understand technique."

Quoting Sonny Dykes: "It's a collaborative effort. They send their players to us and trust us to take care of those players the least we can do is invite them to come watch us work out. We've had a good turnout and I hope it continues to get better. Any success we have here is directly related to the high school coaches."

"A lot of it has to do with how you're brought up. It's worked for a lot of people both ways. It depends on who you cut your teeth under as a coach. I grew up with Hal Mumme and coach (Mike) Leach, Mike Stoops and they always encouraged people to come out and watch practice. They never worried much about it."

Quoting Syracuse wide receivers coach Rob Moore: "I told my guys the other day, I said, ‘Man, this is the type of offense that you can put some numbers up in. I'm a little envious, to be honest with you."

Dooley makes interesting analogy: "When a newborn comes out and he or she can't even really crawl yet, right now we're at kind of on a lay-on-our-back-and-whine stage of offensive line."

"It's not their fault. When a newborn comes out, they're screaming and whining and don't know what to do."

"We have to kind of teach them. Give them a little pacifier, quiet them down, feed them, make them happy. They want to crawl, then walk.

"Our first goal really is to get them to crawl. Right now, we're kind of laying on our back. ‘What is this new world I'm in?' "

Dooley video interview

Quoting Mike London: "After this season, if I'm a high school quarterback, I'd be chomping at the bit for an opportunity to play at Virginia."

Quoting Tommy Tuberville: "We'll play 25 players (on defense). We'll run them in and out. You'll see mass substitution. We want to keep them as conditioned as we possibly can into the fourth quarter and be able to outplay teams in the fourth quarter on defense.''

"One thing is we're not going to be that big. We're going to have to be fast and quick. We won't line up in the same (alignment) quite often. We're going to have a lot of fronts and a lot of different looks."

"With this type of material, we're going to have to be a surprise attack team in terms of not blitzing every time, but just giving different alignments, different looks, moving around, using quickness and not playing (only) 13, 14 guys on defense a game.''

Quoting Illinois OC Paul Petrino: "Our group of receivers will make sure they do what they're told. You talk about it every time you watch tape. The other day, we had a couple of them who didn't had the ball to the officials after the play was done. I think that's important. You want to make sure you hand it, not throw it or spin it."

"Every once in a while, they'll get overzealous in a game. Something will happen. You have to make them run and make sure they don't do it again.''

"If you have discipline, then you don't hurt yourself. As long as you have discipline, do what you're told, play to the whistle and don't kill yourself with penalties, then you give yourself a chance to win. We hurt ourselves (in a scrimmage) by not doing our assignments right. That's a huge part of discipline.

"As big a thing of discipline as there is, when you get tired, do what you're coached to do. That's really discipline. That's why sometimes you put them through stuff, make them work and work and work, make them do things they're supposed to do when they're tired.''