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2010 Coaches Quick Hits

Sunday April 11, 2010

Quoting Tennessee linebackers coach Lance Thompson: "Derek and I had been together at LSU (under Nick Saban) so we knew what we could do in terms of taking kids that maybe (former UT coaches) Lane (Kiffin) or Ed (Orgeron) didn't think were good enough, but that we knew we had gotten those type of kids at LSU and Alabama and they had developed into kids that could be role players and be good enough to win a championship.

"They can play for us. They can help us. They can do what we want them to do. And academics, character and all the intangibles were really important with Derek because that's the kind of stuff we learned with Coach Saban."

"Character wins. You've got to be able to develop guys. Guys with great character will work hard, will want to wear the orange, will be proud and will do all the little things on and off the field to make themselves good."

"Ed pretty much made all decisions on who we were going to take. Here it's four guys will evaluate them: the area guy, the position guy, the coordinator and the head coach. Then from there we're going to make a consensus if we're going to offer and where they're going to fall in the pecking order." Link...

Quoting Kentucky DC Steve Brown: "The thing that was most disturbing was that when things weren't going right, nobody did much about it. You heard the coaches screaming and hollering more than you heard the leaders. What we've got to find is who the leaders are. Things are going to happen negatively, but we've got to have someone right the ship."

Quoting Joker Phillips: "The concern I had is with the defense's body language. We weren't flying to the ball. We were trying to find out who was going to be the leader to get the defense rallied and get them going."

"We've got some new guys we've got to get honed up on assignments. But I liked the way the punter punted the ball high enough and deep enough and got the ball to the sideline. That's what we're going to need to do. If we do that, I think our coverage teams will be fine."

Quoting Mark Richt: "I know everyone wants to know what's going on, wants to know who the starter is, and I couldn't name the starter right now if I wanted to. I really don't think I could."

(on Todd Grantham) "That's what you want . . . a guy that's got some fire in him. Everybody knows my demeanor and has a little bit of a feel for that. I think it's probably good to have somebody who's a little more outwardly excited. I do get excited on the inside, but it's good to have that energy on the sidelines."

Quoting Mike London: "In December, there were fragile egos, a dark cloud hanging over the guys, woe-is-me type of thing. And then change occurs. Sometimes when that happens, they get a new lease on life. You introduce them to new people in their life who say, 'You can do this.' "

Quoting Texas Tech player Bront Bird: "Coach Ruff yelled a lot,'' Bird said, "but he was more the guy that only yelled when something bad happened. Coach Willis is yelling the entire time. Not necessarily that everything is bad. I think it's just his way of being a part of it and help lead us. I think it's good. I think everybody responds to him very well.''

Quoting Travaris Robinson: "Like I tell them all the time: We're going to create the pressure of game day when it's 80,000 people in the stands and we're on the road and no one likes us and they're talking bad about us. Can you play when your back is against the wall? That's what we're trying to get these kids to do now - play with their backs against the wall.''

Quoting James Willis: "It's in us,'' Willis said. "It's who we are. There's one thing about coaching: You can't fake things. You can't coach outside of who you are. You can't be anything but yourself, and we all really came from the same seed. We're all broken off the same branch. We have the same thought, same feel, same desires. We treat the game of football with passion, and we coach that way.''

Quoing Urban Meyer: "Who we are offensively? I don't know. We don't have an offense. I told you that five years ago. Are you guys going to change a lot? We have no idea right now. We're going to do what we do well, if that's I-formation, if that's shotgun, if that's Jordan reed at quarterback, if it's throwing it all over the lot..."

Quoting Mike Gundy: "Pete Carroll was here and I visited with him for an hour. You would expect a guy that's been (at Southern Cal) not to mention some of the issues that we deal with here, but it's the same everywhere. It's good to have other head coaches here. It gives me an opportunity to learn."

(on Leach visiting OSU) "We visited with (Leach) about what we're doing and we double-checked some X's-and-O's. He and Dana Holgorsen have a great relationship, so they talked some football. (Leach) was explaining some of the offense to me. I'm learning just like some of the other guys. It was good to have him here. He seems to be doing well."

Quoting Akron head coach Rob Ianello: "We have a lot to do. Just look at scheme. We go from a shotgun, spread like scheme to a more conventional scheme. There's something as fundamental as the center-quarterback exchange. Patrick played in high school in the shotgun and his first year here in the shotgun. The young man who played center here last year is not with us."

"So we have two new guys playing center, and a quarterback who has never been under center taking snaps. Just that fundamental alone is going through some growing pains."