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2010 Coaches Quick Hits

Tuesday April 13, 2010

West Virginia corners coach David Lockwood (post-practice video interview):Video...

Brian Kelly talks about defensive backs coach Chuck Martin: "(He's a) motivator, teacher. (We have) the same philosophical background in terms of developing players in a manner I'm comfortable and familiar with; another piece to the puzzle."

Quoting Notre Dame defensive backs coach Chuck Martin: "I swore I'd never leave (Grand Valley). It's a pretty special place. Great school, great location. Quality of life is West Michigan; great place to raise a family.

"Goin' 121-9 (over the 10 years) is kinda fun. Once you start winnin', you kinda crave it. Then, the stars were alignin' here ... When I said never, I didn't mean quite never."

Quoting Auburn special teams coordinator Jay Boulware: "When you've got a number of skill players coming in the following season, it always makes me, as a special teams coordinator, a little bit nervous that we're going to count on eight true freshmen coming in and being the guy. So we really want to do a good job of developing our guys that are currently on our roster."

"To start off the season when we first kick off, it's going to be guys we played with last year. And they're going to have to come out and step up for us until those true freshmen that we get to work with for a month before we get to play our first game, are actually ready to go."

Quoting Illinois DC Vic Koenning: "They are not in the NFL. In college football, if you celebrate individually, you tend to get a flag. That's part of it. Celebrate with your teammates. Act like you've been there before. We don't need to go out and do all that stuff.

"One time it happened in the two-minute drill. (The offense) is lined up ready to go and we're over there celebrating. That's not real smart.

"College football is supposed to be wholesome and not have all that celebration stuff. We're not going to do that. That shows no class. I know coach Zook doesn't want it. I know the people of Illino "It's not what this program wants to be about," Koenning said of the unnecessary celebrations. "Don't get me wrong, when I was in college I was probably as bad as anyone on that. But things have changed. I guess I have matured and grown up, and I shouldn't have been allowed to do that. I'm not going to allow my guys to do that."is don't want it, and I guarantee you I don't want it, so we're not going to do it."

Dan Mullen talks about importance of the Spring Game: "Most importantly for us, I think, is recruiting. We'll have a lot of the top players in the state and top players in the South here on campus that day. It's an opportunity for them just to see a college atmosphere and how exciting it can be here. They can see the support that the student body, as well as our fan base has for our sports programs and how they support each other on campus. Really what it shows these recruits, if they come to school here, look at the support they're going to have from all of their fellow school mates."

Quoting Dan Mullen: "Everything is always moving in life. You're either getting better or you're getting worse. If you're staying the same, other people are changing around you. For our football team, that's the approach we take on the football field. Every single day we have to reach our potential and be a little bit better than we were the day before. We don't have to take giant steps, because that's not going to happen in life. The best I can be today, if I reach that level, that means tomorrow if I try harder I could actually be a little bit better."

"It all coincides together. If we have great stadiums, it makes our team play harder. It makes it a harder environment to play in. It shows recruits what an exciting atmosphere we have, what a great place to come to school. If we get better players, then our players play harder in front of bigger crowds, then we get better players, and they play harder in front of bigger crowds, then all of the sudden, that's how you build a championship program. Everybody needs to be involved in it."

Quoting Notre Dame wide receivers coach Tony Alford: "I think it is just the daily interactions. We have the training table up stairs, that I know (former coach Charlie Weis) fought for but we have it now. It's about the coaches always being around the players and eating dinner with them and talking to them about things that are not necessarily football family, friends, school, whatever. We are here together. We can be a close nit team."

Rick Neuheisel video interview:Video...

Chip Kelly video interview (Post-Practice):Video...

Quoting Lane Kiffin: "We've got to find more receivers. We've got one guy who's operating at a championship level and a bunch of other guys. We've got to figure out who the rest of these guys are so to complement RoJo."

Quoting Gary Pinkel: "I think experience helps a lot. I think it helps maturity-wise. A lot of times, we lost football games because we just weren't mature enough to handle all the things that happened in the big game environments. I think when you mature, your focus is consistent, and you focus at a much higher level and on a more consistent basis. I expect our team to be much mature in terms of that."

"We have a cross-section of leadership. We have our seniors, who do a good job, but we also do a lot of things with our underclassmen in terms of leadership qualities. We identify those 25 or 30 younger players, and we teach them leadership skills and the responsibility of leaders. So we're always looking at leadership in our football program and our team. Without naming any names, I feel comfortable that we're making progress there."

"We're looking at two or three different coverages. We went out and studied, and talked to some different people about them. So we're putting some of those in, and they look like they're working out for us."

(On if universities are too quick to fire certain coachses) "That's going to happen for anybody. That happens at any place. I would never have come here to Missouri if it wasn't for [Atheltic Director] Mike Alden, because I knew he believed in our system. He understood that we had a program in place where we wouldn't just try and bring in players and win some games. We had a plan for everything that we do, and it takes time, especially because of how bad things were when we got here. You know, the pressure to win - because of all the money that's out there and how much coaches make - is greater than it's ever been. People don't really care about the problems you have. The bottom line to them is: we're paying you this much money and we expect you to win. We all have to live with it, but certainly I don't think it will change. If anything it will get worse."

Quoting Larry Porter (on what has been surprising): "The kids, how well they've embraced the change, this transition. How hard they've been working. They've made this process . . . not necessarily easy, but they've given us a flow that's allowed us to overcome some things that would have been hard to do. Being new, I was ready to embrace everything. I wake up with a great passion to come and improve this football program. Whatever challenges are presented to me, I look forward to embracing them." More Q&A with Porter...

Nebraska athletic department monitoring player social network site (Interesting Read): "The program is based on a database of more than 500 objectionable words. When a student-athlete uses one of these words, the post gets flagged. They're usually confronted by a coach or assistant shortly thereafter."

"The words UDiligence seeks to find fall into five categories: alcohol, drugs, race, sex and violence. Keywords can be added or removed at any time, and misspellings of common offensive words are also included."

"On average, Zimmer got up to 15 e-mail alerts a day this year, and he said about three-fourths of those were due to inappropriate language." Link...

Quoting Western Kentucky quarterbacks coach Mike Sanford: "Sometimes you have a couple of nice plays and think, ‘Oh, we had a good day.' But coach Taggart wants every play to be great, and if it isn't, he's not happy about that day. I love that about him."

"That's the culture change that we're trying to instill here - that we're not going to settle. We're not going to settle for winning three, four or five ball games. We're expecting to win a lot of games."

Quoting Larry Fedora: "I would say the No. 1 thing was we got so much done with so many young kids -- kids that got redshirted, kids that hadn't been playing for whatever reason."

(On recruiting the Mobile, AL area) "This area is very critical to us. We look at this area and we consider it home -- we really do. The way we look at it, it's part of Mississippi.

"So we treat it that way. We recruit it hard. We spend a lot of time over here. We've got a great following in this area, and there's a lot of great players in this area."

"If you're playing football at Southern Miss and you know you're fixing to play on national TV and you know you're the only game on (TV) against South Carolina on Sept. 2, that ought to be a pretty motivating factor for you to have a great summer and a great camp, and I think that's the way our guys will approach it."

Quoting UGA defensive coordinator Todd Grantham: "We need to make sure that stadium becomes a benefit to our defense. If they're loud with the things that we're going to be doing, it can be very difficult for an offense to change plays, change protections. When you're loud at home, the offense has to go on a silent count. That means everybody's moving on the ball. Basically the advantage that the offense has is no longer there." "I'm definitely going to encourage our fans to be as loud as they can from here on out."

Quoting ULM head coach Toddy Berry: "We didn't have their attention. We didn't have the attitude. I really thought going at the end before spring break that we were making some strides, and we took a big step back (Monday), and I challenged them after because that can't happen."