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2010 Coaches Quick Hits

Thursday April 15, 2010

Quoting Tennessee DC Justin Wilcox: "When you step into a program like this, you're always going to follow somebody good. Monte Kiffin is probably as well-respected a defensive coach as there is in the history of football," Wilcox said. "I'm not trying to be Monte Kiffin. I'm just going to do the best job I can do preparing our team and preparing for coaches."

Tennessee OC Jim Chaney compliments defense & Wilcox: "You already see a defense that flies around and hits people. Right now, they're hitting us way too much, so yeah, whatever he's doing is a working."

Dooley talks about DC Justin Wilcox: "The No. 1 thing was watching how his players competed every Saturday. The effort and the toughness and the discipline - they were just fun to watch. They're physical, they're relentless, and they have a good scheme."

Vols linebacker Nick Reveiz talks about Wilcox: "He's a great teacher. That's what sets him apart is how he can communicate with his players and teach them and get them to understand concepts, not just what to do but what other people are doing around them and behind them."

Quoting East Carolina DC Brian Mitchell: "Blitzing is not a gambling part of what we do schematically, that's just going to be a matter of life for our scheme, our players and our coaches. We're going to blitz on first down, on second down, we're going to blitz third and long."

"We're not going to just sit back there and be a read-and-react team. We want to dictate tempo to the offense and dictate situations, make them answer to our tempo and not us answer to their tempo."

Sonny Dykes practices 1 more time after LA Tech spring game: "It's something I've done in the past. You can get the scrimmage film covered with the players. There were times when we haven't been happy with what we got out of the spring game, and we needed to address that in the last practice."

Quoting Arkansas special teams coordinator John L. Smith: "We made some mistakes in our last scrimmage and that's the biggest thing we are focusing on. That's what Coach Petrino has emphasized this week. We aren't adding a ton. We are keeping things so we can execute. We are more worried about technique. We are trying to minimize mistakes and get in line right. We need to do a better job of tackling on the defensive side the ball. We can't afford to miss a tackle. But we did do a good job of running well to the football."

Quoting Doug Marrone: "Both sides of the ball played with good passion today, and we got after each other. I'm very happy being able to get 70-80 plays in there at the end," he said. "Follow it up with a Friday practice, and a good scrimmage on Saturday, and I think we will have had a very good spring."

Quoting Arizona co-offensive coordinator Seth Littrell: "We did some different things offensively that we haven't done in the past, trying some new things out to maybe fit us a little bit better personnel-wise with some guys. I think our players really enjoyed it. So overall they were pretty focused and intense. There was good competition."

"We dropped too many balls, which hadn't been a problem. Way too many turnovers. Things we didn't have issues with during the spring just kind of popped up in a game-type atmosphere. But that's really the only disappointment I had."

Quoting Dana Holgorsen: "The running backs are going to touch it more than anybody."

Quoting Tulsa head coach Todd Graham: "I think probably the biggest thing we underestimated was losing [running back] Tarrion Adams, our leading rusher, and then in '07 and '08 we had a fifth year quarterback. We had a fifth year quarterback in Paul Smith in '07 and a fifth-year quarterback in '08. And last year we had some troubles up front protecting our quarterback and we were developing a new guy."

"We think G.J.'s going to be a great one. People were so conscious that we weren't the No. 1 offense in the country, but we finished 35th in the nation offensively, which is not too bad if you take any other year besides '07 and '08 around here."

"We feel like we're going to be a lot better on the offensive line. What happened is that the one area that we couldn't lose people in, we lost people in. We lost two starters, and really three right there in the middle part of the season. And really, with a young bunch and a young quarterback, he was running for his life most of the time."

"The offensive line is the key to everything we do on offense. Yes, it's a focus just like it is every other year, but it's more of a focus that we've got to get back to running the football with the efficiency that we had in the past and actually protecting our quarterback is going to be key for us. There's no question that we're loaded on offense as far as skill positions."

Quoting FAU offensive coordinator Darryl Jackson: "It's going to look differently. We graduated about 18 seniors, and it was all the playmakers, from the offensive line to our fullback to our tight ends to receivers. We lost a good chunk."

"Who are the guys that will be [starting]? I have no idea. Put them in a popcorn popper, and hopefully by April 24 we'll know exactly who they are and move on from there."