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2010 Coaches Quick Hits

Friday April 16, 2010

Quoting Brian Kelly: "What I want them talking about is, 'It's me that gets that first national championship,' not 'I want to be the No. 1 draft pick.' That's what we're reshaping.''

"I would hope that every player we recruit to the University of Notre Dame has the dream still in heart that he's going to play in the NFL. Having said that, I hope he chooses Notre Dame because he wants to be at Notre Dame. Not because it's a launching point for his NFL career.''

``I thought their day (with the old staff) was too long for a college football player. It got close to being a job, and I don't want it being a job.''

Quoting Central Michigan head coach Dan Enos: "We have a lot of both of those in our system. I've always felt that being underneath center makes you more aware of your feet and gives you a better sense of balance with a quarterback. A lot of times, when guys are only in the shotgun, they kind of float around a little bit rather than being distinct on their drops for timing purposes."

"There will be a spread, but we'll be multiple - that's the best thing I can tell people. We want to be able to do it all. Our system is such where we can run all the plays from all the different personnel groupings."

Quoting Western Michigan DC Dave Cohen: "If they get three turnovers, I've got to do up-downs. If they don't, they do the up-downs. ... I'd rather be out of breath."

"These are the most demanding practices I've ever been around. I used to take pride in how hard we practiced at Hofstra, but this is another level. I think we're getting about two plays a minute right now. That's a hell of a pace."

"To me, how hard you play and how physical you play is way more important that what schemes you play or blitzes or coverages - I think that stuff's overrated. I think your ability to out-hustle, out-hit and out-physical your opponent is going to be more important than schemes."

(on living in Kalamazoo) "What I love about it is you have all the eateries and all the social opportunities. There's playhouses and everything else that you have in New York, without the traffic, without the hustle and without the cost of living."

Quoting Colorado State head coach Steve Fairchild: "The MWC has already proven it belongs. Two years ago, Utah was the best team in the country at the end of the year. They dominated an Alabama team that Florida barely beat, and after Utah beat the Crimson Tide, the Utes were the only undefeated team in the country. TCU can year-in and year-out play with anyone in the country. They beat Clemson and Virginia on the road last year. BYU and Air Force are premier football programs. CSU in the 90s and early 2000s was a Top-20 program. Even Wyoming went to Knoxville the season before last and beat Tennessee."

"The BCS is a joke and very bad for college athletics. Mike Krzyzewski said it best at the Final Four earlier this month, that a team like Butler in college football would never have a chance to reach that stage. And when the BCS talks about fairness in revenue sharing, don't believe it; that's a lie."

 We need to resource, facilitate and staff our football program comparable to our goals. If we want to compete for the MWC championship, then we need to do what TCU, Utah and BYU are doing in terms of facilities, summer school, resources and staffing.

If we want to compete for a BCS bid, we need to look at those schools and what they are doing in all those areas. We have made great strides the last two years.

I don't know what is next. Much is needed. Hughes Stadium can be improved in a lot of ways. Our student-athletes need a dining facility. A room to better recognize members of our CSU Hall of Fame is a must. The square footage of our football office and meeting area is last in the Mountain West Conference, and our training room can be helped, too. We really need to look at this. You are correct that we have made improvements. Within the last few years, we've added an outstanding press box, indoor practice facility, weight room and academic center, but these have only kept pace with the good programs out there. There is a lot left to do, and we need to keep moving forward to have any chance to be competitive.

Quoting Stanford DC Vic Fangio: "We've got to get the ball taken away. We've got to tackle better. We've got to defend the deep balls better. Our inside linebackers have to play better."

Quoting Mississippi State defensive coordinator Manny Diaz: "We have to prove ourselves. That's the nature of who we are here at Mississippi State. There's no one who's gonna lay down just because our bus pulls up. We want to get an attitude, and it starts with our defensive line. They've got to be the tip of the sword to try and establish our identity."

Quoting Mississippi State defensive lineman James Carmon (funny stuff): "I feel as though we're going to be the best d-line in the country. No doubt about it. SEC, Big Ten, Big 12, whatever you want, name it. We're going to be the best. It's just us."

(on being compared to former Alabama DT Terrance Cody) "No. That's not accurate at all. I can move way better than him. I don't think he's on my level at all. As long as I get to know this program and know how the system's going, I bet you I'll be way better than him."