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2010 Coaches Quick Hits

Sunday April 18, 2010

Interesting quotes from Derek Dooley: "The players, when I got here, had been through something no other college football player has. With it, there was a tremendous breach in trust -- how they would perceive it -- from the administration and a coach over what's happened the last two seasons. So you inherit a squad that's not going to open their arms up and say, 'Tell us what to do, coach. We're in.'"

"The biggest surprise is the amount of inexperience we have at so many positions. There's probably not a program out that that's ever gone into a new year with five new offensive linemen, a new quarterback and a new runner. It's challenging. The good news is we've got some good young talent. The question is how fast will they grow?"

"I didn't think that I would lose a starter. That part probably surprised me. But when you see what the issues were and why they came here and the problems they were having, it's not because of me being here. It's something that's been brewing for a long time." Source:

Quoting Texas Tech OC Neal Brown: "There's really only one live guy signaling. The rest of them are kind of dummy guys. We'll change who's live all the time.''

Quoting Tommy Tuberville: "Our tackling has improved. Our mental toughness improved. We really had a physical spring in terms of one on one, two on two, taking on blocks, getting off blocks.

"We've got to learn to play with our hands better, and we've got to learn to play a little faster with 11 guys getting to the ball. Our tackling in a couple of scrimmages was a lot to be desired, but I thought today was much better.''

Quoting Lane Kiffin: "Our running backs need to learn how to run it because we don't have a clue right now on what we need to do to be a championship running team."

Quoting UTEP defensive coordinator Andre Patterson: "I think if you ask our offensive coaches I guarantee you they wouldn't tell you that we're vanilla. I think I'd be misrepresenting myself if I stood here and said we were a vanilla defense."

"We give you a bunch of looks, a bunch of different coverages and come from all-different angles and all-different sides of the field. I think the difference is we base out of a 4-3, but that doesn't mean, when the ball snaps, that we're going to end up in a 4-3."

"If you watched them play a year ago you saw three linemen with their hands in the ground, you knew that's what you were going to get. Where with us all four could stay with their hand in the ground or it could be three of them with one of them off the ball in a coverage look."

"The one thing that I'm the most pleased with, not only with the players, is that the coaches have bought into this being ‘our defense'."

"That was one of my big things when I came here is that it's not my defense it's our defense. It's our defense as a coaching staff and what I hope by the end of spring ball is that these players see it as their defense."

Quoting Paul Rhoads: "We've got to play with better vision as a defensive football team. They have to play with bigger eyes."

Rick Neuheisel not pleased with "Pistol" offense: "We've got to be a heck of a lot better at it than this. And if we can't get that done in 15 [spring] practices, then we've got to ask ourselves if it's prudent to stay in it."