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2010 Coaches Quick Hits

Monday April 19, 2010

Quoting UCONN head coach Randy Edsall (on making his QB's live this spring): "I got (ticked) off one day and decided this was what we were going to do. Believe me, there wasn't much thought that went into it. I just said this is how we're going to get better."

"I'm glad I made the quarterbacks live. I think it's helped them, and it's helped the offensive line understand just how precious that guy is. If they're not live, sometimes the offensive linemen might say, well, if my guy gets around me, they're going to blow the whistle."

Quoting Iowa head coach Kirk Ferentz: "I looked at Sports Illustrated a week ago and they had us somewhere in their top 10. My question was: Are we fifth in the country or fifth in the conference right now in the preseason? That's really who we are. We're really close to being a middle-of-the-pack team right now in the Big Ten."

"If everybody keeps their focus where they need to and if we make progress like we're supposed to -- we have to stay healthy -- and really be doing a good job every week, we'll have a chance to be a good football team. But we're hardly there and I think our players are aware of that, and that's the key thing. They just need to understand for us to be in the upper half of the conference, we really have to be doing things well."

Quoting Derek Dooley: "I'm not concerned about our leadership. I've been extremely pleased with our guys in that area ... and it's only going to get better over time."

Quoting Ole Miss head coach Houston Nutt: On where former Ole Miss playmaker Dexter McCluster ranks among the best he's coached: "He's up there. He's top three. Felix Jones, Darren McFadden and him. You'd think a guy 5-8, 170 wouldn't be quite physical or tough enough. It's the exact opposite. Huge heart. One of fastest first steps. He can play punt returner, kick returner, receiver, third-down back. He's phenomenal."

On coaching stress: "You've got to manage it. Three years ago I started getting a physical. My wife was on me hard. You're 48 and you haven't taken a physical yet?....It makes you think. You have to get out of the office, you've got to go ride a bike or get away and handle that stress a little bit."

On how some schools operate in secrecy and how his transaction happened at Ole Miss: "It's unbelievable now how the contacts are made through friends of friends of friends. It's never really directly from the top of schools. But (Ole Miss) was one of the cleanest transitions. I had stepped down (from Arkansas), within 48 hours, (Athletics Director) Pete Boone had called and said ,'Hey, we have a vacancy.'"

Quoting Mike Gundy: "The first 15 practices in the fall will be really big for us. We have to become a more physical team. We need more players in all three phases to continue to step up and be leaders, but we certainly expect that."

Quoting Rich Rodriguez: "One of our things we wanted to get better defensively is getting to the ball, getting off blocks and tackling better. I don't know if we did a particularly good job of that today, but I think throughout the spring we have gotten better. We were really simple today scheme-wise and I think our guys are grasping what we want to do that way. But we've got to get better fundamentally in August."

Quoting GA Tech head coach Paul Johnson: "We've changed at every school. We've done different things. You do what your players can do, or what gives you a chance to win."

"When I was at Georgia Southern, we didn't have to throw the ball. If you go back and look first couple of years, we usually threw the ball for 140 or 150 yards a game, but we were so far ahead at halftime we never threw it."

Quoting Jim Harbaugh: "I was impressed with how tight the coverage was defensively. We haven't seen that on our football team until now. And the sure tackling - that was impressive."

Quoting Eastern Michigan head coach Ron English: "They're really starting to believe what I believe, playing a full six seconds, until the whistle and playing really physical football. I'm really impressed by the progress we've made during the spring."

Quoting Brian Kelly: "Offensively, our issues really are about consistency. We can probably put three or four plays together, and then we'll put two or three awful plays together."