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2010 Coaches Quick Hits

Tuesday April 20, 2010

Quoting Illinois OC Paul Petrino: "We're going to run what's called FTS ... Feed The Studs."

Quoting Notre Dame OC Charley Molnar: "The effort that is required to go through a practice here is much, much greater than what the expectations where for most of these guys in the past. They are just adapting to the energy that have to put through 24 periods. It has been a lot of work for some of these guys. Some guys are starting to adapt to it, some aren't. After that, you have to start understanding not only all the plays we throw at them on a daily basis, but also all the coverages that our defense is playing against us every single day.

"When you put all of that together, some of these guys are making good strides and some aren't. When we look at the group as a whole we are not overly pleased with the results. Some individuals are certainly coming along and they are on track for success."

Quoting Rick Neuheisel: "It's important that these kids understand, whether it is their time here at UCLA, or whatever business opportunities they go into, you have to seize your opportunity. When kids get an opportunity to get into the game, they better know what they're doing. If they don't, there is no one to blame but themselves."

"Too often we hear, ‘I'm not getting my chance.' This spring practice is nothing but chances. . . . It doesn't mean we're going to throw them out when it's the first time, but when it's the mental mistakes that happen too often, they have to understand that we have to look for another candidate."

"That's the reality of life. The faster they learn it, the more successful they will be. I say that only because I see some guys who aren't seizing their moments. I'm not naming names, but I can already picture it, I'm pre-calling it, when they come into my office and wonder what happened."

"I'm making sure they understand that they better know what they are doing. If they don't, I'm going to see it on film 10 times tomorrow."

Chizik talks about not naming a quarterback: "It depends on how you look at it. There are some things that maybe aren't as positive for you from the standpoint of who your starter's going to be - your leadership, them taking charge because they know they're the starter."

Quoting Florida assistant Steve Addazio: "I'm here to do whatever I need to do. That's the way it is. And happy and proud to do that. If that means speak at four Gator clubs, that means speak at four Gator clubs. We're a team, we're a family. I really feel that way...Urban Meyer was awfully good to the Addazios."

Quoting ULM coach Toddy Berry: "We would like to create more competition and we will in the fall along those lines. Right now, that's what we have and that's what we're dealing with. We've worked very hard with the special teams and the practices in terms of exposing our guys to what it is and getting evaluation with our kicker in particular, I think we've been able to do that."

"The punting is going to be a huge aspect of what we do (this week). There are multiple ways to punt the football, and we want to look at our personnel really, really hard before we get into what is the best way for us to punt it.

"That is something that generally takes more time, and it's critical that you're doing the right things with your personnel."