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2010 Coaches Quick Hits

Thursday April 22, 2010

Quoting Brian Kelly: "We won't do a lot defensively. You won't see much. And you'll probably leave going, ‘wow, our defense didn't get the kind of progress we were hoping.' I'm just preparing you for it right now: This is going to be set up for offense from that standpoint. We want to get out there and show some exciting football. We know at the end of the day our defense has made great progress this spring."

"If anybody else is interested in snapping the football, one of the things in our offense is we're always looking for centers."

Great article on Cincinnati head coach Butch Jones: "I want people to feel my passion for being here." Link...

Quoting Texas A&M head coach Mike Sherman: "We're going to come out here on Thursday and it's going to be like how we expect them to go through the summer in their own workouts. They need to be adamant [about workouts]. We can't be with them until we start preseason. We have to be committed to the off-season and getting better. The older players have to be able to run the practices that we have with these kids. So that's what Thursday is all about. This is the last time we can be out there and we can watch them and how they manage themselves without coaches telling them what to do. So that will be an interesting day for us."

Quoting Norm Chow: "I have no idea, but we have to be better or you'll be talking to somebody else next year."

"I love Karl Dorrell and I've known him a long time but when we got here there were no offensive linemen."

Quoting Rick Neuheisel: "We are within a blink of an eye of being really good. We're not far from being a hell of a program again."

Quoting Stanford assistant Greg Roman: "We will all hit the road and start recruiting like wild men and start to narrow down and tweak and branch off and find new things we experimented with. Just move forward. We are going to get hot and heavy in recruiting." 

New stadium for FAU: Florida Atlantic University is working out the details of a $74 million financing plan for its proposed 30,000-seat, on-campus football stadium. Link...