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2010 Coaches Quick Hits

Monday April 26, 2010

Quoting Utah head coach Kyle Whittingham: "We are extremely proud to have had a University of Utah-record six players drafted into the National Football League. And it is a huge compliment to everyone involved with our program."

Tebow talks about meeting with Broncos' head coach Josh McDaniels at the NFL combine: "I was jacked leaving that room. I didn't even want to visit another room. It was not enough time. We were excited, we were enthusiastic. There was passion. It was just intense, and it was ball, and it was juice. The juice level in that room was high, and it was awesome."

Quoting Oregon State head coach Mike Riley: "The advantage for the guys who greyshirted are they are true freshmen now and true freshmen in the fall. So they could get a redshirt year plus a spring practice. Or they could play based on their ability. It's a win-win deal."

Quoting USC linebackers coach Joe Barry: "I love the attitude of this team. Guys are working their tails off. It's a good group for just being into football. That's been fun the past four weeks."

"That's the biggest difference between the NFL and college. The amount of time you get to spend with the guys. We're around them but don't spend much time with them."

Quoting Jimbo Fisher: Well I don't' know if it's [about] putting your stamp on the program, but we changed our practice routine, the tempo and what we try to do ... where we can get everybody working and keep the team going at all times so we can develop some of our younger players. And I think the big thing - just [changing] a little bit of the infrastructure and some of the support systems we're putting around the kids. We're just trying to get caught up on some things, and try to help them out as much as we can.

I think you'll probably see a little more zone from us than you've seen in the past because we were strictly man. But you'll still get some man-to-man coverage.

Well, I think just first of all, keep recruiting good players, [who] have a lot of character and implement a system in which you understand each other where we're a family. That we have to come to work every day and no matter what you do from one game, you have to do it the next week and try to develop more consistency ... Like I always say: Talent will win you games, character will win you championships. And if we develop these kids as people off the field in all the different facets of their life, I think it will carry onto the field. And I think then we can play with a lot more consistency.

Quoting Turner Gill: "Overall, the secondary has the best depth. That's why it stood out. It continued to be that one other guy does something pretty good in the secondary week after week, day after day."

Quoting Brian Kelly: "I think in terms of the, the game itself, I think, we're understanding how sportsmanship is, is key in, in NCAA football. I think all the rules have been addressing that. Taking away the high-stepping, and, celebrations, you know just taunting, all those things. Safety, I like where we're going. I think in terms of what needs to get changed, I think the recruiting is just you know, out of control. I mean, there's just so many opportunities for kids now, to read about themselves. I think it would be nice if we could go back to a short, little recruiting period, and it allows you to get those gems that other people don't know about, but that's never going to change, you and I know that, it's probably going to get bigger before it gets smaller."

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Quoting Art Briles: I think the offense and defense have to work together. We were a little better offensively in 2008 than we were in 2009, and that made the defense a little better. We didn't do a very good job offensively in '09, and consequently the defense was on the field more and had to make more plays. It's kind of a two-way street. One side of the ball has got to help out the other, and we didn't do a very good job of that last year. We understand that we are in what I think is the toughest division in college football. That's why we're in it: If you're going to play, play with the best. Our guys understand that, and they know what they've got to do to be competitive in it, and have an opportunity to get bowl eligible coming out of it.

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Quoting NC State head coach Tom O'Brien: "Our whole focus was to try get through spring with the guys that we had. We want to be healthy in August when we start fall practice so that we don't have a repeat of what happened a year ago."

Quoting Duke head coach David Cutcliffe: "This team is capable of being a really good football team, I mean really good. The question I have with this team is with 54 freshmen and sophomores, how quickly can we get them there?"

Quoting Washington State head coach Paul Wulff:
"Without question it's been our best spring football," Wulff said. "I feel really good about the progress we've made. We've still got a ways to go."

Quoting Brian Kelly: "The tight end position, as you know, we don't take them off the field. So we need that kind of depth."

"I would say that the running back position is one that I feel really good after this game about the depth and the ability of that position."

 "It's the first coat of paint for us. This is a process that we're entered into, and we know that this is not a destination for us."

Quoting UCLA head coach Rick Neuheisel: "We just didn't connect on plays you have to connect on. We tried to throw the ball, and whether it was protection or not getting the ball down the field accurately, we just didn't get it done. That will hopefully light a fire under our offense."

(on The Pistol offense) "We'll put a critical eye on it and see what we need to keep, what we need to toss out and what we need to bring back."

From the LA Times (about UCLA practice):"New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, receiver Wes Welker, and Galaxy soccer player David Beckham watched from the sideline."

"That was Norm's son's buddies," Rick Neuheisel said. "I didn't see them, but they're good Bruins.

"It's absolutely the place to be now. It always has been."

Quoting Fresno State head coach Pat Hill: "Our schedule absolutely helps us with our recruiting. You want to play against the best teams possible, and our scheduling allows us to play some of the best teams in the nation. That's why [the players] come."

"The quality of teams coming here to Fresno is getting better and better. Cincinnati has been in [a BCS bowl] two years in a row, they've been a top-10 team for two years. Illinois was in the [2008] Rose Bowl. It's the second time we've had a Big 10 school here over the last couple of years. It's going to be great playing those teams in front of our home crowd."

Quoting ULM head coach Todd Berry: "I don't think we are where we need to be, but in the same sense we're farther ahead than I thought we would be. This group has a really nice chemistry. They work hard, and I'm really excited about where we're at. We've got a long way to go, but I'm excited about where we're at."

Quoting Central Michigan head coach Dan Enos: "We feel like we've addressed some of our issues, we had one tight end in the program and then we signed two, so we'll see how that goes," Enos said earlier this year. "Might sign one next year, probably will sign another one, maybe two depending on where we are at. When you can sign those good, big athletes as I call them, big skilled athletes at 6-foot-4, 6-foot-5 and 220, 230 pound guys that can run, those guys are going to be guys who will play on your football team whether they are a tight end or they are a defensive end or another position. I don't think you can go wrong recruiting those types of players."

Quoting Joe Paterno: "I think we'll be good at the linebacker position. I'm a little concerned about some depth ... but not at the linebacker spot."