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2010 Coaches Quick Hits

Wednesday April 28, 2010

Ed Orgeron speaks about Rick Neuheisel: "The guy across town has been talking too much smack since Coach Kiffin came to town. We've got to silence him."

Lane Kiffin talks about Ed Orgeron: "He's the heartbeat of the program. The energy and the passion that he brings every single day (is remarkable). And our kids are having the best rest they've had in years (because) if they are one minute late to a study hall, to a tutor or to a class, they have to run with this man at 5 a.m. And he's been known to have three Red Bulls before 5 a.m."

Sarkisian talks about spring game: "The first thing is we didn't want to get into a conflict with the Windermere Cup and there are obviously issues with that and it's a great event and it's fun to be part of, and so the decision came to 'do we move it to a Sunday or can we do something unique and different?' And when the thought came to doing a Friday Night Lights theme and really getting our students involved and getting the community involved and making it interactive --- we'll have some fun events throughout the game to get the crowd involved in the game and some different contests --- it just seemed to make sense. We'll find out after the game Friday it it's a success or not but we are going in jumping in with two feet and see how it goes.''

Sarkisian talks about 5 weeks of spring ball: "I've loved it. I think we have been extremely healthy. We really haven't lost guys this spring --- had some things here and there --- but for the most part we've been extremely healthy, been fresh in practice, practiced fast and physical, and our kids have been excited to practice. My one concern was stretching it over five weeks and drawing it out a little too long and maybe losing the interest of all the kids. But I thought our guys, even today it came down to the last play and the defense won and you could see the excitement and intensity. So I think all in all it was a success.''

Quoting Kevin Sumlin: "I think this team is hungry. We've got some guys who played last year and know what it's like to deal with success and failure. Hopefully, we'll be a mature team and we can stay healthy. If we can do that, we'll be pretty good."

Quoting Dan Mullen: "I did a much better job coaching this spring. Last year, I kind of took everything that came at me and figured out exactly what I was supposed to be doing as head coach.

"And our players know what to expect, so they are a lot more focused on learning their jobs and their techniques rather than wondering how a drill is run. I think we'll be a better football team."

Quoting Lane Kiffin: "Been here for three months and no violations."

"I would probably say to get this group of players to understand what it was like before (when USC was winning back-to-back national championships in 2003 and 2004), to understand the way players worked (then), the style they played with. There's a big difference between being confident and cocky. Back then, guys played with great confidence, and there was a swagger, but it wasn't cocky.

"It wasn't celebrating over people because you make a 5-yard gain. There were a lot of penalties that happened last year (that need to be eliminated). We want to make sure they understand this is why you win 34 straight games, why you go five straight years at home without a loss, why you have three Heisman winners in four years. That was not done on Saturday. That was done this time of year and in the offseason at 6 in the morning when you're working out. You have to do it all year round."

Mike Riley talks about playing Boise State: "It's probably not, in the football world, very smart if you look at Boise's home record," he said. "But I think it can be a great rivalry for both sets of fans. We've gotten killed over there and won some tough games over here in the past. It's really good football. Our players like it from the competitive standpoint even though it's really hard. ... That could be something we continue and have a great rivalry and a big game all the time."

"It's really tough - there's no doubt about it - but it's also an exciting challenge and I like those kinds of games. I suppose when you've been in a program long enough, you're more willing to do stuff like that because in the end it makes for a better program. I can find out a lot more about our team by playing TCU and Boise than someone else. Maybe it will be bad news, but hopefully we'll learn from it."