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2010 Coaches Quick Hits

Thursday April 29, 2010

5 coaches leaving May 21 for the Middle East, an eight-country, nine-day tour that will take them to Iraq and Afghanistan among other stops: Chip Kelly (Oregon), Ron Zook (Illinois), Tommy Tuberville (Texas Tech), Rich Ellerson (Army) and Tim Murphy (Harvard).

Mississippi State head coach Dan Mullen will not say "Ole Miss" : "Nah, they're the school up north. We have some tough teams in our division. They're one of the ones we have to play every year, but we don't usually refer to them by name. To us, they're the school up north."

"For us to beat the school up north the way we did and to play the way we did in that last game taught our guys how to win those tough games. We lost a lot of those last year. But, again, I think winning that game there at the end of the season over the school up north pushed us over the edge."

Quoting Bill Belichick: "At the Pro Day down there in Florida, there were almost 140 to 150 people there from the NFL at the Pro Day. I don't think those players are any big secret. We've scouted the Florida players since last spring, all Fall, all through the all-star games just like everybody else has. There have been plenty of drafts when we haven't taken Florida players, we haven't taken players from Coach (Nick) Saban's program, Coach (Kirk) Ferentz's program, , Coach (Greg) Schiano's program, or anybody else's.''

"We are not partial to any particular school, but I do think that players from some of those programs, because of the way they play, what they look for, what they look for in players age 18, 17, 19, whatever it is coming out of high school, that often there is that same correlation fit of the profile and the program that we are looking for. I don't think that hurts those kids, but it's certainly not a situation where we are drafting from those six schools... Do I think we have any inside information? Not really. I think everybody has seen the same games and watched as many practices and film and done as many interviews at the combine as everybody else does."

Quoting Les Miles: "We're not far off. Let's just make a few improvements to our offense, and then let's go win another title."

Quoting Washington State defensive coordinator Chris Ball: We've got to stay healthy. The boat feels like it's finally moving. The kids can feel it. They can feel they are getting better. But these next three months, we've got to keep the momentum we've gained in spring ball. The next three months are very, very crucial to how we start out. We've got to come into camp feeling really good about ourselves, with a little bit of swagger. The kids of done a great job with their enthusiasm in practice. Our chemistry is really good. We've worked hard. We've had good competition at numerous spots. We've got to keep this momentum the next three months. If we can keep it and stay healthy, we have a chance to make some big, big strides.