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2010 Coaches Quick Hits

Thursday May 6, 2010

Photo of Pete Carroll's office in Seattle

Top 10 Spring Game crowds according to Paul Vigna with The Patriot News:

Among the top 10 (with last year's crowd in parentheses):

Alabama: 91,312 (84,050)

Nebraska: 77,936 (77,670)

Ohio State: 65,223 (95,722)

Auburn: 63,217 (45,381)

Penn State: 55,000 (76,500)

Florida: 51,500 (65,000)

Florida State: 51,000 (36,000)

Texas: 44,000 (44,000)

Virginia Tech: 41,000 (41,000)

Georgia: 38,472 (42,458) 

"Adverse weather affected the attendance for several schools, including Ohio State, Auburn, Oklahoma, Cincinnati and Louisville. Schools drawing record crowds for their respective spring games this year include Mississippi State, West Virginia, Rutgers, South Florida and Indiana."

Frank Beamer may have torn bicep (Beamer fell getting off plan when over the shoulder bag caught on to something): "I came down hard on my right side and I kinda felt something rip in there. When I saw all the purple and black in my arm, I figured I probably had a tear somewhere."

Temple AD Bill Bradshaw (on head coach Al Golden): "As for Al Golden, no other coach has so successfully turned around the culture of a Division I-A football program as he has accomplished at Temple. In the classroom, in the community, and on the football field, the performance of Temple football has earned national recognition."

Interesting quote from Washington head coach Steve Sarkisian: "The really interesting thing from Stanford's point of view we're going to be on national television for five straight weeks, starting with UCLA [on Sept. 11]. I don't know if that's ever been the case in the history of Stanford football."

"I like our conference. I like the natural rivalries we have. I like the fact we play everybody in our conference and a true champion comes out of it," Sarkisian said. "But if there is value in expansion, if Larry Scott and his team -- who do a great job -- if they deem it's the best thing for our conference, then I'm all for it. If we do it, I know it will be the right thing to do because of the time and effort they're putting into this. And if we don't, I'll have faith that was the right thing to do. Either way they go with it, that's why they hired him and they'll make a good decision."

(on a potential PAC-10 championship game): "I think that would be great, would be great for our conference. I know for our kids, they love playing football. So if they give them another chance to play a game, they'll play it. I'm sure that's how it would be for the other nine programs in our conference. Just from an exposure standpoint for our conference, I think it would be a good thing."

Quoting Memphis head coach Larry Porter: "When he came here, he changed the culture of the athletic department and raised the bar for everybody. That's what I was looking to do this offseason: To change the culture and raise the bar for what this football team does on and off the field."

"I think overall we are tougher as a team, mentally and physically. I think when we take the field in the fall, Tiger fans everywhere will be proud of how physical of a team we will be and how we'll compete."

Dabo Swinney talks about QB Kyle Parker (potential high-round baseball draft pick): "We feel fortunate to have a guy that can dominate both sports. I mean we can't really worry about if he gets drafted. If the Yankees or Dodgers or one of those teams with a lot of money draft him then we'll be worried. We are counting on Kyle being the quarterback this year."

Quoting George O'Leary: "We went into the spring with the thought process that we had to get a lot more physical up front, especially offensively. We spent a lot more times on things, which would really get them out of their comfort zone. ... I thought we got better each day, and I thought we left a lot more physical up front than we had been."

Quoting Ed Orgeron: "It felt like home. I yearned to come back here. I had great memories. It was hard to sleep last night. Just to be able to walk out here and represent the Trojans is something special."

"This is my family. I spent seven great years here, about three or four the best of my life, the best of my career. Great memories. But we're here to make more."

"I ran the steps last week there. They are steeper than I remember them four years ago. But I was younger (then)."

Miami (FL) and Memphis agree on home & home series (from the Memphis Commercial-Appeal):"The Tigers and the University of Miami (Fla.) have agreed in principle to play a home-and-home series in 2014 and 2015, bolstering a Memphis nonleague schedule in 2014 that includes a home game against Louisville and a 2015 schedule that will feature Miami, Louisville and Missouri."

Quoting Skip Holtz: "We want to get in every school, to introduce ourselves, to find out where the players are, to develop relationships with all the coaches," said Holtz, who as a head coach isn't allowed to visit schools this month due to the NCAA's recruiting rules. "It's not that hard from a logistical standpoint. You divvy it up and everybody's got so many schools. It's just a matter of a little preparation and planning."

Interesting quote from Miami Dolphins defensive lineman Jared Odrick (former Penn State player): It's quite a shift to be honest with you. The defense I played in [at Penn State] was more of an attacking, straight ahead, get into the backfield, get penetration role."

"Here (Miami Dolphins) it's a little bit more about using your hands, having a strong standpoint to stick your ground, and really reading a whole lot more."