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2010 Coaches Quick Hits

Saturday May 8, 2010

Quoting South Florida head coach Skip Holtz: "Defensively, we have a lot to get done before we're ready to play. There are a lot of good players with great attitudes, but it's a little different from last season when we had so much defensive experience at ECU."

"I absolutely would love to see ECU in the Big East. It'd be great for the school, and I think it'd be great for the Big East, too. That's what I thought there, and it's what I think here. I'm not changing. I'll always be a big supporter of that."

"I miss the people, the players and the friends I still have there. There are a lot of things really, but I knew that would be the case when I made this decision. ECU became home."

Quoting Oregon head coach Chip Kelly: "As I've said before, the bond that ties together my role as an Oregon head coach with an opportunity to support and thank those men and women who are sacrificing their time to protect our country is that many of them are of the same age as the players I coach. The role that they play overseas is of greater priority than the game that we play in the comfort of our own homes. It is the least that I can do to offer my support and provide whatever service I can to the real heroes."

Quoting Stanford head coach Jim Harbaugh: "We start with a list of maybe 300 players who are capable of doing what it takes to get in here. Maybe 150 of them do the work. You have to start early, telling them what courses they need. If you wait until December of their senior year, it's too late."

"We don't win all the battles, of course. We get our nose bloodied at times."

Jimbo Fisher talks about JaMarcus Russell: "I never knew that guy. His work ethic for us -- everything I ever asked him to do, he did. He was smart, he carried three and four play packages at the line of scrimmage."

"He is very talented and he is very intelligent. Intelligence isn't an issue with him."