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2010 Coaches Quick Hits

Monday May 10, 2010

Former South Florida head coach Jim Leavitt video interview:Video...

West Virginia head coach Bill Stewart (on Noel Devine): "We have, what we feel is the best runner in the country.''

West Virginia OC Jeff Mullen talks about Noel Devine: "He brings speed and a change of direction. His skill set in those areas is as good as anyone's. Plus, he has a resume. He's progressively gotten better, which is the mark of a really good player.''

"We need him to be our team MVP. In the last two years, he's been with NFL-type quarterbacks in Pat White and a fifth-year quarterback [Jarrett Brown] that dominated the ball."

"This year, he's a senior and will have to dominate. He'll be our MVP. He'll have to be.''

Quoting Clemson defensive tackles coach Dan Brooks: "There are three things I try to stress with them all the time: hands, eyes and feet. You have to play with your hands nowadays. You have to play with your hands in order to get off of people. Don't be nosey. Put your eyes where they're supposed to be. We're mostly a gap control football team. Now, they do understand that. It's a constant thing. And then their feet: When you have a 310-pound offensive lineman on you, you can't cross your feet; otherwise you won't have any power. That's a constant thing."

"We're way ahead of where we were. Success is a journey. These guys are a journey. You talk with a lot of guys in the league and they feel like college coaches get too much into schemes sometimes instead of coaching fundamentals. But our guys - this spring in what we want them to do - I feel like they're well ahead of where they were [last year]."

"We want to be the best defensive line group in the country. How do you do that? Every individual has to improve. It's not what coaches call [scheme-wise]. It's about understanding a scheme and know where you fit it and also doing it technically sound. But again, they're way ahead. Way ahead."

"We are really pleased. I really care about them so much. I've been around them for a year. They become your family. I had the whole group out at the house and we had a chance to visit with one another. We are really pleased with our group. I don't know what anybody else has got, but I wouldn't trade my group for anybody's in college football because we have good young people to work with. They've bought into the system of what we're trying to do. Obviously they've recruited well here."

Quoting Les Miles: "You have to take time to recognize you have a family, a wife and children that you have to be there for as well. I'm the worst one to give advice. I can only tell you I look for it all the time, that time (away). I'm probably just as guilty as most of the men in this (coaches') convention of excessive behavior...It's the only way I've ever been. I've only ever done it a couple of ways, and all of them have been hard work."

Quoting LA Tech head coach Sonny Dykes: "The big part is making sure you have enough talent at the skill positions to have the depth you need in order to run a fast-paced offense. I was pleasantly surprised with the talent and depth at wide receiver."

Quoting Nebraska linebackers coach Mike Ekeler: "Bo always talks about sticking to the process. It's kind of like coach Snyder at Kansas State when I was playing for him. It's about getting better every single day and focusing on those things. When you do that, everything else will fall into place."

(on Suh's graduation) "It kind of eases the blow when he donates $2.6 million. We figure we ought to come up with another new tackle. We're under the cap now."

Bob Knight talks at Trine University graduation: "I was not an easy coach to play for. That was never my intent," he said during his 35-minute commencement address. "My intent was to see that the guys who played for me went away from basketball with a better opportunity to succeed in life than anyone anywhere could have."

"Preparation is the key to victory in any game that you play. The prepared people win a lot more than the unprepared people," he said. "You can never spend too much time on preparation. The will to prepare to win is far more important than the will to win."