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2010 Coaches Quick Hits

Friday May 14, 2010

NY Jets head coach Rex Ryan talks about filling the seats with fans: 'I'll be honest with you. I'm there to whip somebody's ass. So it doesn't matter who's there, who's not there, whatever. I would love to have our stadium full and the fans going crazy and supporting us. That's what you want. I feel it. We felt the energy from those fans."

"I don't care. I'm going out there to whip somebody's ass. Home. Away. That's my job. I don't know the finances, people's issues or whatever. I just know that we're going to be a team that you'll want to watch and you'll want to come out. I'm going to say this: Our team over any team in the league -- I would think you'd want to watch our team."

Interesting quote from Texas A&M wide receivers coach Steve Kragthorpe: "When I got fired at Louisville, which by the way, was a great blessing, my wife said 'I'm moving to Tulsa, Oklahoma or College Station. You can come visit me if you want to live someplace else."

"I'll say this publicly, and this will probably end up on message boards, but that's OK. They never should have fired R.C. Slocum. R.C. is a great guy. I was around him for four years and saw the character he has on a daily basis."

(on his first coaching job at Northern Arizona): "I told my wife, honey, I've got a job. She asked how much money was I going to make. I said $8,000. She said $8,000 a month sounds like a lot of money for a guy that's only 25 years old. I told her that was $8,000 a year."

Marrone boots Syracuse player for missing meeting, according to player's mother:Link....

SEC team by team turnover chart from 2002-2009:Link...

Quoting Arkansas assistant Tim Horton: "Enthusiasm is probably as high as it's ever been. "But I listen to these expectations and think they expect us to win every game. Then, I travel to Louisiana and listen to Louisiana radio and people there expect LSU to win them all. I was in Alabama recently and Alabama and Auburn expect to win them all. But that's where you want your program to be when there are high expectations."

"We played a lot of good defense in the red zone and were one of the top defenses in the country in creating turnovers. I think turnover margin is the key stat in football. But our charge is to get better preventing the long run and the long pass."

"The kicking will be completely wide-open competition in the fall."

Quoting Nick Saban: (on the golf course): "I like the recruiting better."

"I'd just as soon be on the road watching practices, promoting high school football, looking at good football players. That's what I enjoy doing most. It doesn't get much better than this event here, though, if you're going to play in a golfing event. We really enjoyed it."

"That's me in golf. I'm not much of a putter, I'm not much of a chipper. Ball striking is my game. If I'm not doing that, I'm really bad."

"Three-putted five times and four-putted once. That's what I remember about it the most. If they didn't bury elephants in the greens over there, it'd be a little easier to play. But it was fun. It's a unique place."

"Golf is sort of a metaphor of life. You've got this beautiful hole and all these hazards, and you've always got to play the next shot. If you hit a really good shot, you've got to play the next one. If you hit it in the hazard, you've got to focus on that and play the next shot as well. It really is a good game. I enjoy playing. I wish I had more time to play it."

Chizik and Saban video interviews:Video...

Quoting Steve Sarkisian (on Jake Locker): "If anything, you should see coming into this fall if that completeion percent can go up another 10 percent. "I will not be surprised if he's at 65 percent this year and maybe up to 68 percent because of his comfort level and some of the things we are going to do in our offense.''

Quoting Tim Brewster: "We thoroughly evaluated every aspect of quarterback play throughout the spring and Adam has earned the right to be the starter during the 2010 season. We are fortunate to have three very talented young men who can all lead our team. In the final analysis, Adam's command of the offense, his leadership, decision-making and his overall play won out and right now we believe he provides our program with its best opportunity for success."

Greg Schiano (on Rutgers finishing in the APR top 10 for the 3rd consecutive year): "Rutgers is a challenging school. For them to be able to do that in the environment they're in, I think it's very good.''

"There's certainly a culture that's been established in our program, that expectation level. On the same hand, it's a very challenging academic environment, and it gets more challenging every day, so the competition our student-athletes are competing with in the classroom is continually rising as well.''