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2010 Coaches Quick Hits

Monday May 17, 2010

Quoting Rich Rodriguez: "They (NFL) don't really look at, some people say, 'the scheme.' I get a big kick out of them saying they're not taking a quarterback because he was in a spread offense because in the pros they run a pro-style offense. That's the biggest misnomer that's out there."

"If you look at the quarterback taken with the first pick in the draft, Sam Bradford, played his whole career in the spread offense. The second quarterback taken, Tim Tebow, played his whole career in the spread offense. They look at the player and his ability and more of his coachability than anything else."

Quoting Pittsburgh Steelers special teams coordinator Al Everest: "I tell them this, hat if we were to go and try to rescue 20 hostages, and we saved 18 lives and got two killed, they're not going to write about the 18 we saved. They're going to write about the two we got killed. That's the nature of our job: don't be the problem. On the other side of that is to be a part of the solution. Turn bad into good, turn good into better, all to help the team sustain momentum to help us win football games."

"As a coach, you have to make a decision on your time. You can be a scheme person, multiple schemes, and those things take time. Time to teach, time to install. The other side of it is fewer schemes and more of how can I make you a better football player. To me, fundamentals and techniques are the tools of the game. If you've seen ‘The Karate Kid,' it's not much of a movie until he learns wax-on, wax-off, because he was getting his butt handed to him before that."

"All I ever want to hear from a player is, ‘Thanks for making me a better player.' That's why we drill, do technique work. I want them to understand the leverages of the game and to apply the leverages of the game. All of the athletes are good, and the one who plays with the best tools is going to win most of those battles. So we're going to spend more of our time helping our players become better players. In exchange, we're giving up some of the multiple conceptual ideas, or schemes. It's the same thing with our meeting time."

Derek Dooley's advice to father's & son's:Video...

Quoting Iowa State head coach Paul Rhoads: "This isn't any time to get content or feel like we've got the world conquered. People are excited about the direction of the program, and that's great, but we've barely scratched the surface. Our work is just beginning."

"We've talked with guys since the day we arrived here about the need to make constant improvement, and that message hasn't changed. The reason we enjoyed the type of season we had a year ago is because our players committed to that philosophy, and that has to continue because it never gets any easier in the Big 12."

"On the defensive side of the ball, we're young and we're inexperienced, and that's a bad combination. We've got some work to do there to be OK, but our players understand that, and that's good motivation for them."

"What we accomplished last season doesn't matter any more. It all starts again with Northern Illinois on Sept. 2, and that will be here before we know it."

Quoting Jimbo Fisher: "You can't try to follow him, I just have to be me. I've seen a lot of coaches be successful a lot of different ways and the thing that made Coach Bowden successful is that he did things the way he wanted to do them ... I can't be him, I'll never be him, I just have to do the things that helped me get to where I'm at now."

"We just have to have confidence in ourselves. It can take time to develop that but I've seen it happen quickly. The biggest thing for us is to make sure we're doing the right things as a program and moving in the right direction, because it will come."

Quoting Jaguars OC Dirk Koetter: "I love OTAs. They're like spring football in college. It's the purest form of coaching. You get to coach without the timeline of a game on Sunday. You can slow down and script more stuff. When you're in game week, you're on such a tight schedule that when you're done, you're done.

"We're moving from a jam-it-down-your-throat team to a more balanced team. We have to be based on our personnel. The whole NFL has gone that way,"

Quoting Lane Kiffin (regarding Tennessee): "I never once told any of those players I would be there forever. I never made the statement, ‘I'm coming here, this is my dream job, I'm never leaving.' I never made those statements."

Nick Saban talks about JaMarcus Russell: "The thing that JaMarcus needs is someone to give him a structure of things that will help him be successful. And I know he will follow the plan. He always did that. He's not a defiant guy in any way. He wants to please you, and if he gets in the right organization with the right group of people, they can affect him and he can be very successful in the National Football League."