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2010 Coaches Quick Hits

Tuesday May 18, 2010

Quoting Mack Brown: "We felt like Colt [McCoy] had been so accurate - completing 7 out of ever 10 passes - that we needed to back and mix the run in more. We got away from our running game some, so we needed to be more balanced, like we were when we got here. That would help our defense as well, because in the last two BCS games, we've seen a two-back system with Ohio State, and a two-back system with Alabama. In our league, we don't see that a lot right now. It's a spread league that's throwing the ball all over the place. We wanted to continue to throw it like we were, have the spread and be able to run it more to help our defense, as well as our offense."

"It's hard to compare them, because I think every corner that has started for [defensive backs coach] Duane Akina in the last seven years has had some time in the NFL. So the guys have been really good, but we think these three guys - Curtis Browns, Chykie Brown and Aaron Williams - all have a chance to be NFL guys. We think they have a chance to be really good."

(On meeting with the Boise State staff this off-season) "You talk about reinventing yourself. We also wanted our staff to push the envelope on imagination, and see if we can come up with some innovating things in all three phases. We always liked to have the fakes in the kicking game and the reverses, but we want to do a better job in those areas, and the same thing goes with disguises on defense. But we felt like offensively, one of the things we could do a better job of is have more fun plays. We've moved the ball so well, we've scored a lot of points and we didn't really have to have those plays. But I think it's fun for the kids and it's fun for the fans, and something that we're missing."

"Boise was actually coming to visit us on some other issues, and we sat down and visited with them about their reasons for their innovative plays and the trick plays, and how they planned them and what they do. It was a great three or four days with the staffs, with innovations from both sides." Full Q&A with Mack Brown...

Bill Stewart talks about the 3 freshman that have already reported to WVU: "Anytime you have a young man come in and reap the benefits of an entire summer here, that speaks volumes. It's a really, really big advantage for them. Now, that's not a slam on anybody else. Some (high schools, prep schools and junior colleges) aren't out yet. Some guys will have to wait until June. But for these three guys, it's big. They're impact players."

"We position-recruit now more than we ever did before because of the small numbers we take. Had (safeties coach) Steve Dunlap not developed a relationship with Travis Bell early in the process, we may not have gotten him after Doc left. Doc was his recruiter, but not his position coach. Steve had a relationship with him and that's what kept him away from all the schools down there."

Quoting Houston Nutt: "One magazine is already picking us last (in the SEC West)."

"Our front seven is going to be as good as anybody's, if we can stay healthy. I'd rather be picked first, but throughout my career, we've had a lot of success with teams that were overlooked."

"We'll have a package together for Mackey. You can't give him the whole playbook, because he missed the spring, but he's someone who can help us. We've got some running backs to work with, but we need another receiver or two."

Dan Hawkins says Colorado is close: "Guys, trust me. We are that far away (showing 2 close fingers). Nobody wants to be close to having a good marriage, and nobody wants to be close to winning football games. We've just got to build a little confidence, build a little momentum."

"We had a good spring. We are way faster than we've ever been. All our numbers were way, way lower than they've ever been before. Our strength numbers continue to go up. I think our guys are very poised, and they've got to have a great summer."

"It's like taking out pavement; you've just got to keep pounding and pounding. (Sometimes) nothing happens and nothing happens, and pretty soon there's a little crack and it falls away. When we get this thing turned around a little bit, it will be because of only a couple little things. It won't be anything huge."