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2010 Coaches Quick Hits

Thursday May 20, 2010

Here is an excerpt from the Orlando Sentinel: "The NCAA board of directors endorsed a committee recommendation that would require football players to earn at least nine academic credits in the fall semester. If they fail to earn the credits, players would be suspended four games the following fall. The players could reduce the suspension to two games by passing 27 credit hours by the end of the summer."

In response, Tulane head coach Bob Toledo said, "We were joking maybe they could make it 30 hours just to give us a better chance. It's not going to matter for us, but I do think it's going to be a big, big problem for a lot of schools."

Quoting Charlie Strong: "We are a BCS school, and if we're going to make it to a BCS bowl, we need BCS players. When you look at (Cincinnati), it's so close, it's just an hour and a half, and you just know there are some really good players in this (area) and some really good coaches, so you know they've been coached really well."

"Just in the city of Louisville there's probably five or six recruits we want to get. It's all about success and kids want to be familiar with programs that win. If you win, you're going to get really good players."

Quoting Texas A&M DC Tim DeRuyter: "I've always been around multiple defenses that we've tried to aggressive and pressure offenses. We are going to do a lot of disguise of coverages and pressures. And trying to get offenses off balance where they don't know what we are going to be doing."

"We might be a little bit ahead of what we thought we would be. We've given them a lot of things this spring. I was talking to Coach Sherman the other day, and he was asking me where they are at. And we've put in stuff that in other schools that I've been, we haven't put in, till the 2nd or 3rd spring. Just trying to introduce concepts and get concepts taught. I think our guys are really, really sharp. We are force feeding them a little bit, not everything is perfect, but at least approaching them with the concepts that what we will be doing in our defense. They have been receptive and handling it very well."

(On head coach Mike Sherman) "He has succeeded my expectations. I had high expectations, I knew his history, and I knew his success, and how organized he was, and what a character man he was. He's come thru in spades in all those areas." Full Q&A with DeRuyter....

Rivals' writer Tom Dienhart breaks down the importance of strength coaches:Link...