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2010 Coaches Quick Hits

Saturday May 22, 2010

Quoting Virginia head coach Mike London: "It's something that your pace of recruiting has picked up a lot. You just have to be up on your rules and regulations. Between Twitter, Facebook, Skype, there are just different things you have to be aware of what you can and can't do. It's a task, but it's one if you're going to stay on the edge of what's allowed and the players are using themselves you just have to be up on it."

"From what I hear back from the coaches, the reception has been really good. We've been really well received at different schools. We've been in schools we perhaps hadn't been in in the past. A big effort has been made trying to get back into the schools, reestablish, reconnect, and I think we're doing that. That's No. 1. No. 2 has been trying to recruit the talent that's in those schools in the best areas. I think we're in on a lot of young men who have mentioned Virginia in their top five or top three. It's a step in the right direction, for sure."

"Yeah we're a work in progress now. It's a day-by-day approach. Our captains, these fourth and fifth year guys, they have never won a home opener. So before you start talking about winning seasons and bowl games and things like that, first things first -- doing something that you've never done in your college career. After you do that, we'll find something else to go after. Right now, the first goal we have is to win our first home opener."

Quoting Joker Phillips: "I have learned a few things since I became head coach (in January). I knew there would be a lot more than coaching football, didn't I didn't know as much. Dealing with alums. Dealing with parents, players, past players. There is a lot more to it. l learned to say no more than I did as an assistant coach because I felt I had more (free) time as an assistant."

"Saying no is not easy for me, but I am learning. That is some of the advice I got from the old ball coach (Brooks). He told me to make sure I always take care of the task at hand and lead the program the right way. He knew that would be hard for me to say no."

"My office has always been the one everybody migrated to. I have had to shut the door a lot. Before, it was easy to go in and out of my office, but now I am shutting the door to make sure I get my work done."

Kentucky assistant Tee Martin talks about Joker Phillips: "He doesn't have a head-coaching complex. His door is always open. He has new ideas, he's fresh and he listens.

"It's something that's started to permeate our program already."

Quoting Jimbo Fisher: "Trust me I'm the most impatient human being in the world. I want to win, too. But you have to remember how to win. You have to go back to the fundamentals and lay the groundwork and get these kids in a situation so they can win."

"If it's not getting the results you want, you have to change. Change doesn't mean you change tradition. The core values of things are the same."

"You're always looking for that edge to push you up. That's what I'm looking for."

Quoting FAU head coach Howard Schnellenberger: "If our offense can eliminate the obvious - not protecting our quarterback nearly as well as we need to be protected, not catching the catchable ball and making one secondary guy miss and have yards after contact - then we can have a productive offense.

"There were some really good things from the defense throughout the course of the spring. It leads me to believe we can have a sound defense by the season's beginning."

Quoting BYU recruiting coordinator Paul Tidwell: "We only had 13 [scholarships] when we started, and we filled up 12 of them already [with commitments], so we only have one, maybe two left for the 2011 class."