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2010 Coaches Quick Hits

Wednesday May 26, 2010

Quoting Michigan AD Dave Brandon (backing Rich Rodriguez): "Let me nail this because this is the question I'm sick of hearing," Brandon said. "Rich's contract has a clause in it that if he is found guilty of a major NCAA infraction, it could be cause for termination. ... I can tell you now -- several months later, after completing our internal investigation -- I am even more convinced that the things that occurred, the violations, we own them. ...

"We have been found to violate certain rules with the NCAA, and we're standing up and we're taking responsibility for it. But I want you to know that the way that these things happened was not attributable to any one person, and shouldn't be."

Quoting Rich Rodriguez: "I'm sure when we get in front of the committee there will be more questions that we have to answer and talk about," Rodriguez said. "But more than anything my response details some of the things I felt I needed to explain and where mistakes were made, where the communication can be better, where I can do a better job, where the staff can do a better job."

"Is there a sense of urgency? Sure. But there was a sense of urgency last year, the year before and 20 years ago when I was coached at Glenville State College."

Some interesting quotes from Bob Stoops: "I think a lot about life, very little stays the same forever. Nothing surprises me. Everybody's looking to improve in some way, improve their athletic department in one way or another. So it doesn't surprise me at all."

"When they asked the Big 12 coaches if they want a championship game, it was 12 to zero, 'no,' " Stoops said. "And the next year, we had a Big 12 championship game. So hey, we'll do what we're told to do, and our job is to coach the team and represent the university well and hey, that's great. That's what we'll do."

(on DeMarco Murray setting a goal of 1500 yards this year): "I don't think it's enough. I'd like to see him have about 1,900. Not like we haven't done it. Adrian and Quentin both were over 1,900, so we'll see. Hopefully he can do something like that."

(on the difference in Landry Jones from last year to this year): It's like night and day. How could it not be? I mean, he's had a full season under his belt. He's a totally different guy than he was when he took the field at BYU. He can't help but be a different guy. And had success through the year, a lot of it. ... He's in the same mold as the guys we've had, and I think he has a chance to be a really good player for us. He is very similar, I think, to the guys we've had, in the way he works, his abilities, his attitude, all of that. That's what I've said to people, we've won six Big 12 championships here in the last 10 or 11 years and had five different quarterbacks. ... there's no reason he can't be one of those guys.

You're not rewarded for it (playing teams like Cincy, BYU, FSU). In the end, you could play absolutely the weakest nonconference schedule and just deal with the conference schedule. You see it at the end of the year, all they rank you by is wins and losses. That's just how it goes.

It's not different than when I got here the first year and I wanted to win it all. We work the same all the time. I don't need any motivation, or just because we won it once, you want to do it again, or just because you lost - you don't know how we work. You just have an obsession with the process of winning in your daily routine and your weekly routine of being prepared to play. And that's what it is. And it's no different today than it was the first day we got here.

Quoting David Cutcliffe: "For this particular team, the obvious concern is our quarterback play. It's new. We've got to have quality quarterback play. Our defense has to defend and stop the run. We've been getting ‘big-boyed' a little bit."

"We've got to run the ball better. When you run the ball better, you take a lot of pressure off a lot of things, not only off that young quarterback but off your defense to some degree.

"If I have to lose, I want to lose the close games. I want to have a chance to win."

"People say it's satisfying to win by one. I'd rather win by 40. That's real satisfying."

(on hosting Alabama): "I think half the state of Alabama is coming. They introduced me at the event (in Alabama) and I got a nice round of applause. I think it was because I looked like dinner to them."

Q&A with Nevada head coach Chris Ault: Q: Coming off the bowl game, have you noticed any more determination from the team?

Ault: There better be. Not only that but better coaching too.

Q: Are you planning anything different with the offense because of the changes with coaching and personnel?

Ault: We're one of the premier offenses in the country and always have been. We run the "Pistol" offense. We're the authors of it ... and I'm excited about it.

We invented it, and continue to tweak it, but look to pick up the passing.

Quoting SMU head coach June Jones: We certainly copied their (TCU) formula for success. They're winning for a reason, just like SMU was losing for a reason, from an administrative level and an athletic department level to a football level. I have great respect for what Gary [Patterson]'s done, and they made some decisions six or eight years ago that they were going to be a successful program. Everybody is working together to get that done. That's why they are where they are, and that's where we'd like to be.

(on evolving in the run-n-shoot) Oh yeah. I would say every year, we evolve probably 15 to 18-percent, because if you don't do that, they're catching up with you. The concepts are a lot of the same, but we've added and done more with what we do every year. Every spring, we've given the kids more thoughts, more reads, and we adjust more. It just evolves every year.