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2010 Coaches Quick Hits

Friday May 28, 2010

Quoting Tommy Tuberville: "I didn't come to Texas Tech to win seven or eight games. I could have done that anywhere. I came here to win championships, and it can totally be done."

"Well, I plan on coming out in the first series and running the wishbone. If we make a first down, we are going to continue to run it. Naw, I have hired a guy who knows how to throw the football. But I am a true believer in several things.

"We can win games by throwing the ball 70 or 80 times. We can do that. But you have to play defense and run the ball a little bit to win championships. I don't want to just win games. I want to win a championship. We will be exciting to watch. Mike (Leach) brought an offense to Lubbock that has worked well. I think we can make it better by using our running backs and putting our defense in play in terms that they know they are going to have to win some games. The last 10 years, they have tried to win every game on offense ... that's not my philosophy."

"It's been good. It's been very good. I now get up every morning, and I don't check if it is going to rain. I check the wind and if it's going to be breezy or windy. A buddy of mine back in Miami asked how things were in Lubbock. I told him it's good but the wind blows a little bit. They say a little, anyway. Because in Miami they put a name to it - Opal and Andrew. They name hurricanes after winds like we have in Lubbock.

"The people are so nice. I thought they were setting me up early because everybody was so nice. But it's real. It reminds me of America 20 years ago."

"Number one, it wasn't north of the Mason-Dixon Line. I hate the cold weather. I've coached on the east coast, and I told my wife when I resigned at Auburn let's take a year off and then go to a place we can accomplish something and people really enjoy the game of football.

"We put our players through the ringer. I think we are going to have a good team. You just never know how good dealing with 18- and 19-year-old kids. Our two senior quarterbacks (Taylor Potts and Steven Sheffield) did get hurt, but they should be ready soon. I've been watching their rehab. I think we can score a lot of points. One area I want to use more is our running backs. We have good backs in Baron Batch and Eric Stephens. They are good and physical. That's an area we can help our quarterbacks. It's amazing when I brought in all the quarterbacks after taking the job, they said, 'Coach, can we run a little bit more to slow the rush down.'

"We will have our hands full on defense. I'm a defensive guy. We have some good players. We just don't have enough. We will have to play some younger players. Usually that doesn't spell a formula for a great defense. I think we are going to be good. But in this conference, you have to play very good defense consistently." Full Q&A with Tubs...

Quoting Gene Chizik: "You know, it's going to be a long summer. We've got a long journey. There's probably going to be another nine weeks of conditioning and strength training before we get into the season.

"We need every bit of it. But we feel good about where we are at this point in time."

"We're starting with year two, and trying to do the same things, just do them better."

Quoting Arizona quarterbacks coach Frank Scelfo: "I think there's a chemistry deal here that's pretty good. I've been a coordinator the last 15 years, so it's being able to focus. Coach Stoops wanted more emphasis placed on quarterback fundamentals and teaching those guys footwork, and quarterback development. It's not so much to relieve me of responsibilities of coordinating, it's more of just allowing me to focus on that instead of the day-to-day operation stuff. It's worked out. It was good this spring, the transition was easy. There's been some new ideas introduced. It's been good."

"There's a sense of urgency with those guys. They really are tuned into what's happening. They want to win. They're embarrassed by the bowl game last year. They're paying with a chip on their shoulder and they realize the importance of what we're trying to accomplish and how many people it really impacts."