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2010 Coaches Quick Hits

Tuesday June 1, 2010

Quoting Texas A&M head coach Mike Sherman: "Fixing our defense was number one on the agenda, but we're really working hard on our special teams. In a number of situations last year from a special teams standpoint, where we struggled, a lot of it had to do with playing 18 freshmen last year on our varsity roster. We had some guys who didn't always understand the concepts and the techniques. We fell victim to that, so we worked really hard on special teams and hopefully made some progress there."

"I thought our speed was fine last year; we recruited some faster guys and I thought we made even more progress there. But we're still a little slight in relation to physical maturity, so this offseason we spent a lot of time just getting bigger and stronger. That played out a little bit in the spring, and it needs to play out even more during the season."

"We developed our offensive line. I think we made a lot of progress there. And we continued to make adjustments in our offense, which hopefully will work out well for us this season."

(on hiring Tim DeRuyter as defensive coordinator) "It was a long process. I spent about a month just watching tape and looking at different defenses across the country. There are a lot of good defensive coordinators out there in college. I wanted someone who could match up schematically within the Big 12, which has the tendency to play more of a spread-type offense. That whittled the list down to a degree. I had a chance to watch Tim in his team's bowl game on TV, and I had staff members go to that game and watch him work. They came back very impressed."

"It just finally came down to a couple of guys, and he was one of them. Through the interview process, I really connected with him. I thought the success he brought to every place he's been - whether it was the Naval Academy, Ohio University, Nevada or Air Force - he seemed to always elevate the level of play from years previous. We just need to make the step this year defensively, and hopefully he can help direct us in that area."

Quoting Turner Gill: "Getting in-state talent, we're going to make sure we recruit those (Kansas) guys and we want 'em all here," he said. "To say it's going to be 100 percent, that's probably not realistic. But we need to make sure to get our share of in-state guys to come here to the University of Kansas."

"All of our assistant coaches have a part of Kansas. We want to make sure that there's a touch or a connection from a KU coach. We're not going to visit every high school in the state of Kansas but we're going to hit quite a few schools and we're going to make sure that, at least in Kansas, we are aware of the top players. Then we'll evaluate them, and if we believe they're top-notch players who can help KU be successful, then we'll offer."

Quoting Kansas recruiting coordinator Reggie Mitchell: "We have to be able to recruit Kansas better than anyone. Even though there may not be more than 10 Div. I football players in the state, during a good year, you still have to show the commitment."

Quoting Kansas assistant Aaron Stamn (on keeping in-state recruits): "Gotta keep the heart here."