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2010 Coaches Quick Hits

Friday June 4, 2010

Quoting Ole Miss head coach Houston Nutt: "You can worry yourself sick thinking about how many more games do I need to win this year. You love being around your players and try to make a difference in their life. That's what has been fun for us the last two years, building that belief that we can win."

"When I first got here, they hadn't won a conference game, hadn't gone to a bowl in four years. That part of it has been fun. That's what we get lost in. We want them to graduate, want to win, want to go to bowl games -- and sometime, hopefully soon -- we hope to get to Atlanta."

"Oh, yeah, back where I was at my previous stop," he said, his smile growing wider. "That's the world we get into, the expectations. We won three Western Division titles [at Arkansas], got to Atlanta twice ... and they want more. They want you to win it all, and that's what we wanted to do, to win a national title. But it's not that easy."

(on Dan Mullen referring to Ole Miss as ‘the school up North') "I don't get into that. I'll let him handle the geographical things."

Quoting Les Miles (on the bump rule): "You put a head coach in a high school and suddenly the high school coach brings that student-athlete prospect in there and says, 'Look, don't worry about it. He can talk to you.' No, he can't. He really can't. The idea that it's a more likely violation if a head coach is out there is a realistic concern. As much as I hate to admit it, it's a right concern."

Quoting Mark Richt (on the bump rule): "It's not an issue that I don't want to be out there evaluating talent or that I don't want to be working. The case is when the head coach goes to a school it usually causes a little bit more attention than an assistant going there. It becomes more diffi­cult to stay within the pa­rameters of the rule being in an evaluation period with­out contact."

Quoting South Alabama head coach Joey Jones: "We're doing it faster than anybody has to start a program - from starting a program to going to Division I. South Florida took six years and that was fast. We're doing it in four. We know it's going to be tough, but our coaches felt that's the best
thing for our program."

"I told the coaches, the first year the bar wasn't quite as high. We got some really good players, but each year goes by we're getting fewer and fewer scholarships. We've got to be real picky about who we choose. We realize we've got to play Troy. We've got to play North Carolina State. We've got to play Tennessee. If you're going to play those guys you'd better have some decent players."

"To me, Troy is one of the most successful programs in this country in what they've done. Larry Blakeney's done a tremendous job - but I'm not saying anything everybody else doesn't know.

"To take this program from I-AA to the national level and beat some really big teams, they have done a tremendous job. To me, if we can get anything near where they are in the next several years we'll be doing something really well. I believe they've done one heck of a job."