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2010 Coaches Quick Hits

Monday June 7, 2010

Excellent video on UVA head coach Mike London titled "Building a Program":Video...

Quoting UNC head coach Butch Davis: "I have every intention of making this my last job."

"One of things that will be dramatically different with this team is we have 22 seniors, and of those arguably, 16 are significant contributors. Where in Year One when I got here, we had 10 seniors, and only three had played in a game."

Quoting Derek Dooley: "First difference you notice are the demands. It hasn't really been relaxing time. We have so much going on...At Tennessee, we have so much support. It's phenomenal. A lot of areas touch you and it's hard to get them all on board philosophically in a month. It takes more than a year to slowly get to know each other. We're making progress."

"It reminds you of your responsibility to them. Sometimes, you get in your little cocoon as a coach. All you're worried about your own little area and you don't care what anybody thinks. But we do have a responsibility to our fans and the university and we've got to keep that in mind."

"You better be thick-skinned in our family. It doesn't matter what you accomplish. Somebody is going to stick it to you. I never walk around in my family feeling good. My brother reads blogs every once awhile, especially when something bad happens to me. He takes pleasure in that. So when I'm a jerk to him, he copies one of these bloggers, sends it to me and says, Me and John here are going to meet you for dinner, just want to let you know."

Quoting SEC commissioner Mike Slive (allowing Mississippi State to keep the cowbells): "Other than football contests played on the campus of an institution with a traditional institutional noisemaker, artificial noisemakers shall not be brought into or used in any sports venue during games between Southeastern Conference institutions."