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2010 Coaches Quick Hits

Tuesday June 8, 2010

Quoting Tommy Tuberville: "But if it happened and we went to the PAC 10, that would be great. I think it would be an opportunity for TV and more money for all the athletic programs, and for players to travel to different places."

"I think there's got to be a lot of things happen for that [TTU moving to the PAC 10] to come to fruition. So, I think it's great talk right now. It could happen. But it's a long ways away."

Quoting Lane Kiffin: "Both (TN and USC) have a lot of pressure."

"No. There is none of that (grace period) at SC. A little bit (at Tennessee). There's a little difference when you're following Coach Carroll."

"We (Sarkisian and I) actually said one day ‘Let's not be the first to follow Coach Carroll."

"SC is the only place that you could sign the #1 class in America with a coaching change and investigation going."

"We don't expect anything (on the investigation). There is a 48 hour period (when we'll know before the public). We'll figure it out. We don't talk about it with the players."

"He (Coach Carroll) coached the coaches every day. The 6 years with him were more valuable than maybe 20 year with someone else."

"It's great (working with Monte). I feel like I'm working for him."

Quoting West Virginia running backs coach / recruiting coordinator Chris Beatty: "The biggest change I've made since Doc left [for Marshall] is seeing in which areas we're getting the better players from and concentrating there. Also, we're compensating for the loss of Doc in Florida with teamwork."

"We're doing a lot more piggybacking. There's a little more team recruiting."

"I've moved [defensive backs coach] Dave Lockwood to south Florida. Him and [wide receivers coach] Lonnie Galloway. Lonnie still has Orlando, but I've got [offensive line coach] Dave Johnson also in central Florida: Tampa, Jacksonville. [Tight ends coach] Dave McMichael is back in western Pennsylvania, where Johnson was. [McMichael] used to work western Pennsylvania for Coach [Don] Nehlen.''

Gary Pinkel video interview:Video....

Quoting TCU athletic director Chris Del Conte: "If you want to recruit the best student athletes, the reality of college athletics these days is you have to have the best facilities."

"This is no different than a chemist working on research. He's not going to use a 1950 Bunsen burner."

Quoting Bob Davis (on A&M possibly joining the Pac-10): "Football travel is only once a week. Can you imagine the travel plans for Texas A&M soccer team to play a Tuesday night game in Pullman, Washington? The Aggies might not get back to College Station until the following Tuesday."