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2010 Coaches Quick Hits

Wednesday June 9, 2010

Quoting Mark Richt (on Bill Curry's challenge at Georgia State): "That would be an exciting challenge, to start from the ground up. One thing you've gotta know is it's gonna be a lot of work, but you get a chance to be part of history. Just to be able to create something from scratch has got to be a lot of fun."

"You've gotta start with the people and Bill Curry, there's not a finer guy."

"I think you understand there's gonna be those days. It's just inevitable, especially when there are certain games that you're setting up to get those resources we're talking about. Some of those games with the bigger paydays are gonna be unevenly matched and it's gonna be difficult to have success on that day. I think you've just gotta know it's coming and keep a positive attitude."

"I've always felt, even when I first came to Georgia, that I knew where I wanted to be at the end. You can't just go there in a straight line sometimes. It's like sailing - you've gotta kinda tack back and forth.

"My goal to help keep my sanity was did I feel like we were moving towards the desired goal, are we moving in the right direction, and if we were, then I could have some peace that we were doing a good job. I think there's gonna be a bunch of that kind of stuff for him - a few years, for sure."

Quoting Georgia State head coach Bill Curry: "It's not like any situation I've ever been a part of before, but it's also the most fascinating challenge that we have ever faced as coaches."

Quoting Bob Stoops (on expansion): "It's kind of exciting to me, what the possibilities are for our program. What actually it will be, I don't know. In the end, it'll be positive."

"(The Big 12) has been great for us. We have been in a good number of Big 12 championship games and won a number of times. Obviously, it's been good for us. But the more people are talking about (the Pac-10), the more people are thinking, 'That's exciting. That's pretty cool. That has a chance to be special.' It's win/win. Best of everything."

"When I first heard it, I thought it was exciting. Thought, that has a chance to be pretty good, by bringing the West Coast recruiting into play. For us, especially to play down in Texas, has always been positive. I think that has a chance to be the best of everything, a good number of games we have in the South and then out West."

"It brings everything out West into play, particularly California."

Quoting Georgia Tech head coach Paul Johnson: "I don't think anybody knows what's going to happen for sure. Something's going to happen; it's just going to be when the first thing falls to see what everybody does and how they react."

"Our position at Georgia Tech has been we're happy with where we are. But you never close the door on anything; you always listen."

"That decision will be made far above my pay grade, so it's something that's interesting for everybody to look at. When there's smoke there's fire; that's probably true."

"If you end up with what they're talking about, you end up with four 16-team leagues and you almost already have a playoff, don't you? If there's only four teams coming out at the end, it would make it awful easy."

Quoting Nebraska AD Tom Osborne: "So as much as I know fans don't like it, I think we need to put certain things off-limits. But I think before too long, and I don't know exactly what that time frame is, we'll be able to put this thing to bed because I'm getting tired of it, you're probably getting tired of it, the fans are getting tired of it."

"I think maybe so. We certainly don't have anything against anybody in the Big 12. This decision is not going to be based on animosity, on petty jealousy. I mean, you're talking about something that could maintain for the next 75 or 100 years. I mean, this is a big deal in terms of the University of Nebraska. This is a big deal in view of many other institutions.

"So you don't ever make a decision based on personal likes, dislikes. And frankly, I get along very well with (Texas athletic director DeLoss Dodds). I'm a great admirer of (Texas football coach) Mack Brown. And Texas has obviously done very well athletically and you have to admire them for that. So this is not a case where we're somehow reacting to any one school, particularly to Texas."

"So what has happened more recently in the media, if something is reported, then many times people will cite that as a reference and say, ‘Well, it was reported.' And pretty soon maybe you have something built on a house of cards."

"But having said that, I think the media's been good, and in most cases, they've tried to check their facts. And even though sometimes they guess, sometimes they guess pretty correctly. Anyway, we just aren't going to add to the confusion until we know for sure."

Quoting Mark Richt (on expansion): "I don't know about our league. I really feel like we've got a great league, and we all believe that. We've got a tremendous SEC Championship Game; we've got our TV contract; we're 98 percent full every time we roll out the carpet, so to speak; and we've had a lot of national champions lately.

"So I don't think we're in a rush to change much. We kind of like the way things are going.

"But I really do think that [SEC] commissioner [Mike] Slive will make a good decision. . . . I'm sure he's got to be thinking about what's going on in the college landscape today, and I think he'll keep us on top."