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2010 Coaches Quick Hits

Saturday June 12, 2010

Quoting former Colorado head coach Gary Barnett: (on if Pete Carroll abandoned ship) "The only one who knows that is Pete Carroll. I would have to look at that with a sarcastic look on my face. It's just too coincidental to me."

"You can as a head coach demand from your coaches that they keep nothing from you. I mean, you tell them that if you keep anything from me, I will fire you. But you don't know from 7 in the evening to the next morning, what they are doing."

(on Colorado to Pac-10) "It's a good fit for Colorado. It's a real break for them. They needed something positive to happen. Do they deserve to be there based off what they have done over the last 4 years? Probably not. They ended up in a real good situation."

"They did it without building facilities and creating resources. There are schools out there that have done all the right things to be competitive in basketball and football that may not get that opportunity in the Big 12. So I think Colorado caught a big break. Now they have to prove themselves."

"When all this shakes out, players are going to get paid."

Quoting UNC DC Everett Withers: "Coach [Butch] Davis always talks about ownership of a team. When a team gets good, players take ownership of it. You kind of see that with our guys on defense."

"Obviously the expectations for us, we want to be as good as we can be and not any more. We're not going to try to shoot for anything historical. All we're trying to do is be the best players we can be, the best coaches we can be every day. That's the mindset around here. There's work to be done. We're not there yet. We have a motto on defense, and it's "in search of." We're in search of playing the best we can play. That's kind of what we're all in search of. We haven't seen it. Hopefully we can get to a point where we're playing pretty good at all 11 positions."

"The biggest thing is just the chemistry. We have to continue to improve our chemistry and our communication with each other, whether it be coach to player, player to player."

Quoting Dan Hawkins: "Any time you change there is a little bit of a discovery to some degree. Probably not as much for me and some of the guys on our staff because we`ve been around those guys and we know those guys. So probably not as much discovery as if you were to go into the SEC of Big Ten or something like that, or when we came here."

"Maybe we`ll have to designate a rivalry game and get after it. We`ll see how that evolves. Nebraska had their rivalry with Oklahoma, too. So maybe we`ll just have to horn in on one of them (Pac-10 teams)."

"I think those are great, rivalries are great. That`s part of what makes college football awesome. It`s the passion and all of that and being able to say, 'Yeah, I remember when we played them 20 years ago or I remember when they had that player or that play.` That stuff is always part of the richness of the game."

Quoting South Carolina AD Eric Hyman: "I think everybody is sensing the economy. "It's just very difficult out there right now. The dollars that some of these schools are charging us is just outrageous. Obviously, with Furman and The Citadel and those schools, that has helped us out a lot as far as keep the money in the state."

"You hate to see some of this take place. Being a member of a 16-team conference is very cumbersome. With the WAC (Western Athletic Conference), when I was originally out there, it was very difficult logistically, getting people on the same sheet of music. You've got 16 different perspectives. It's extremely difficult."

Quoting Mark Richt: "Interior D line, we lost five seniors inside, and you'd think that would be a big issue. And it probably will. That's one of our concerns. Some guys might just mature fast enough to play that position. But just people learning in general, there's a lot to learn out there."

"It's going to be a challenge to see if these guys can really control the double teams that they need to inside. That's part of the reason we moved Justin Anderson in there is because he is a big, giant, powerful man and if he can take to it, I think he's going to be tough to block."

"Marlon (Brown) played in a league (in high school) that didn't challenge him much physically in my opinion. He was kind of a man among boys in that league, and I really felt like it was going to take him a little time to get up to speed with SEC play."

"He's in tremendous condition, and he's big, strong, physical. He might be the best blocking receiver right now, and he's only getting stronger."

Quoting Dan Mullen: "It's important for us to get these guys into the program, get acclimated with everything around campus during the summer months. As vital as it is for them to get involved in the weight room and start the physical preparation, it's just as important for them to get used to the academic work that will be expected."