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2010 Coaches Quick Hits

Thursday June 17, 2010

Quoting Tommy Tuberville: "I'm really glad we were able to keep most of the Big 12 together. There is no reason for us to leave and go to another conference. I was really never 100 percent for that."

"I am disappointed that we lost two very good schools. Our conference has to be stronger than that. When you look at a conference like the Big Ten or the SEC, you don't have schools wanting to leave the conference. There is something wrong. We've either got to have better leadership or better communication."

"Players win games, coaches don't, so we are out trying to get some players."

 "One thing I can promise is that they will play for four quarters and they will lay it on the line."

Funny Rick Neuheisel quotes from Dan Patrick Show

Quoting 83-year old Joe Paterno: "I'm fine. I have some intestinal problems every once in a while. It's one of those things that you have to be careful about how much traveling you do. But I'll be all right."

Quoting Steve Sarkisian: "I think he (Lane Kiffin) was disappointed, is maybe the best word. We can all safely say that we knew something was going to happen, but to what degree we didn't know, and when this came down I think he was disappointed to know that 'man, I'm taking over a program and that this is the starting point' for him.''

Quoting San Joes State head coach Mike MacIntyre: "I've got a group of great young kids working extremely hard to learn the way we want to do things now. They're dealing with changing schemes, a changing culture, all of that. But I couldn't be more pleased with the way they are going about it. There is a lot of excitement for playing against Alabama. Any young man in this position would be (excited). They've always heard about the mystique at Alabama."