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2010 Coaches Quick Hits

Sunday June 20, 2010

Quoting Southern Miss offensive coordinator / quarterbacks coach Blake Anderson: "Everybody's personality is going to influence the way you call games. I don't even want to try to call it the way (Wyatt) or (Fedora) would. I just want to do what's comfortable for me."

"I think people will see us use the perimeter more with perimeter screens, throwing the ball out laterally. I like our dropback game and I have a lot of confidence in (quarterback Austin Davis). So we may throw it a little more than we've thrown it in the past."

"That's absolutely my biggest concern and they've done a good job. We could not have a better offensive line coach than the one we've got. Coach Kap does a phenomenal job. We have to get those guys playing as veterans early in the process. If they play well, we're going to play well."

"I promise you that people in the stands may not quite understand how much we live and die with every play and how hard it is when things don't go well. We do design every play to score. We do plan on never punting. But when things aren't going well, you're living and dying with it. When it is going well, there's no way to describe how much fun you have. We're just big kids."

Quoting Southern Miss head coach Larry Fedora (on OC Blake Anderson): "He's very approachable. He's a really good person and he's a strong family man. He has a good understanding of the game itself and he's a guy you enjoy being around. That makes him a good recruiter."

Quoting Jimbo Fisher (on building a new dorm and indoor practice facility): "So we can get a jump on the Gators and Hurricanes. They don't have those things. The difference between my salary'' ($1.8 million annually) and Bowden's ($2.5 million) to help finance other upgrades."

"We have to do things differently. Are you worried about changing tradition? No, I'm not. The definition of insanity is keep doing things the same way and expecting different results. The whole infrastructure, we were behind.''

"No matter how good one program is, the other two are never that far behind. The Gators, unfortunately, are having their run right now. . . . Are we where we need to be? Not even close."

"There will never be another coach Bowden. I'll just have to be myself.''

Quoting Washington State head coach Paul Wulff: "Last year we were in a position to be a much-improved football team from the year prior. But we lost too many people early in the season and our confidence went. We won't (have confidence) until we continue to build players over time, and that's what we're currently doing."

"So we will have brought in 89 players in two-and-a-half years. That's a very young football team, which in the big picture is a good thing."

"The style Washington State has always been is in toughness. We've gotta be mentally and phyiscally tough, and we have been everything but that the first two years. We will ultimately be that.

"We are gaining that with our work ethic and the type of people we are recruiting. It's a process, but we're gonna gain in that area and people are going to see."