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2010 Coaches Quick Hits

Monday June 21, 2010

Quoting Bob Stoops (on if Nebraska should remain on the Sooners' schedule): "We've got Notre Dame coming, LSU coming, Ohio State. We've played a very difficult nonconference schedule. To stick (Nebraska) in between that, it's not realistic."

Quoting Clemson guards / centers coach Brad Scott: "We're the veteran bunch now. We lost Jacoby [Ford] out there at receiver, we lost C.J. [Spiller] at running back. ... We need to be able to load the team up on our shoulders. We don't need to be the weak link. I think that our guys understand that. Even though we're young at running back, we're talented there still. They know that both of those backs have gotten some experience last year and are good players. This spring there was evidence these guys are going to do what they need to do to accept that role and that responsibility."

"Certainly we think we'll be a solid group again. They made great strides last year and by the end of the year were playing pretty doggone good. The kids have matured, they're more confident, certainly understand the system, and had a pretty good spring. The depth is always the issue, developing the young players, but I think we're gaining from the experience most of these young men have had over the last two years."

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Quoting Kansas State head coach Bill Snyder: "I'm a proponent of having a divisional conference. It works in our favor."

"For some schools, that should be the priority. I certainly understand that. If you're a Texas or an Oklahoma, then you're going to favor a round-robin schedule. If you're a Kansas State, you're not."

"We're in a different situation than a Texas or an Oklahoma. Having a North Division gives us an opportunity to compete for a championship which might be few and far between if we didn't have a conference championship game."