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2010 Coaches Quick Hits

Thursday June 24, 2010

Quoting Nick Saban: "I don't really think I'm 58. I don't feel 58. I still play noontime basketball in the wintertime. When I go on the tubes with the kids, I feel like I'm 14 or 15. I've still got to have the fastest jet ski that anybody makes. I guess I have thought a little bit about: How well can you take care of yourself? How long are you going to be healthy enough to do it? You know, that kind of stuff. Hopefully, it'll be for a long time. My mom's 77-she just had a hole in one last week. ... What scares me the most is: What do you do when you retire? I can't sit still now. So I don't know why I'd think that I could sit still then. I need something to do."

"I really don't choose to criticize others. I would rather take responsibility for my own self-determination. And when things like that happen, I sort of look within. I try to think, How did you contribute to this? How could you have managed this better so that this is not the circumstance? Now, is that totally avoidable in this day and age of the media and the interest in college football? Probably not. But I still choose-professionally-to try to manage it that way."

(on the best part of coaching at Alabama) "Coaching the players. I mean, there's no doubt. Being on the field. And I still do it; I spend a lot of time coaching the secondary, coaching a lot of defensive players. Coaching is teaching. Teaching is the ability to inspire learning. So to be able to engage with players, to inspire them, to be able to influence them, to impact how well they can do something, that's the part that I like the best."

Interesting comment from Lane Kiffin: "Great reaction (from recruits). Not only has SC weathered this, but has even been stronger through this. You don't choose USC based on 1 bowl game your freshman year. You choose USC because of the education you receive here, and because you get to come to the most historic football program in America, and play with all these great players."

Very interesting quote from Tennessee AD Mike Hamilton: "I never believed that Coach Kiffin was going to be here for the long term coach, we looked at him as a five to six year coach from the beginning. I believe Derek Dooley can be a long term coach at Tennessee. The reality is that today coaches around the country aren't staying along as long term coaches. For a combination of reasons. We were fortunate to have Phil around as long as we did and do the job that he did as long as we did. That's not going to be the norm in college football."

"I probably have more regular interactions with Coach Dooley than I ever have had with a coach. And that's a good thing, we are sharing what we need him to do and he is sharing with us what he needs to be successful. I already see some of those pieces coming to play. What that means in the fall, will some of the things he has already put in place begin to shine through in terms of leadership ability, discipline, how things are handled, I think you will see that."

Quoting Florida strength coach Mickey Mariotti (on John Brantley): "It's night and day. He's what we call a grown-ass man right now physically and mentally. A lot of it is maturing, and I think a lot of it has to do with being around Tim [Tebow]. But Johnny has worked really hard and grown up."

"I don't think it's just what we do in the weight room. I think it's more about the whole coaching staff, from the athletic trainers, to the defensive coordinator and his staff, to the offensive coordinator and all his coaches. We are all so much on the same page, and I think that's why we've been successful here. Everybody buys in, and everybody sells the same thing to our players."