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2010 Coaches Quick Hits

Saturday June 26, 2010

Quoting Bobby Bowden: "He'll do an excellent job. I know he has, in so many respects, and (has) a lot of Saban's carryover. But you've got to realize that Terry Bowden's the one that raised him. Terry took him out of high school and coached him, and Terry gave him his first job. I think between Terry and Nick, he gets his background. I think he'll do an excellent job."

Quoting Tommy Tuberville: "The thing that all recruits look at when they go to campus is your weight room cuz that's where they feel like they can make themselves better."

"I thought our weight room was adequate as it was but it wasn't the type of weight room that I believe in to build strength and speed."

"I'm having just drawings (of an indoor facility) drawn up, let them see what it would look like. Then I've got to sell it to the board. Then I've got to go raise money.''

"When I got here, they were as good or better than where I've been. Facilities don't win games for you, but they do change attitudes of players and make them proud of what they're in. They can get things done in a better manner.''

Quoting Texas Tech strength coach Joe Walker: "We play on our feet, we train on our feet. We don't do any of that (bench press)."

Quoting Alabama defensive backs coach Jeremy Pruitt: "We are very thorough in our evaluation process. We just don't throw offers out there because of where we are. We're all on vacation now, but if a recruit calls, I'm going back to Tuscaloosa to visit with them."

"Being at Hoover, I had some guys coach wanted. That's basically how I got hired."

"He's (Saban) relentless, tireless and motivated. That's what I like about Alabama football. Coach is a businessman. He's all business and is wise."