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2010 Coaches Quick Hits

Wednesday June 30, 2010

Quoting Tommy Tuberville: "I don't think this conference will last long because there is too much disparity between all the teams. In the SEC, for instance, Vanderbilt makes as much money in the television contract as Florida. Everybody is good with it. Everybody is on the same page. Everyone gets the same votes."

"That doesn't happen here in the Big 12. We have some teams that get a little bit more money and have a little bit more stroke than some of the other teams. And when that happens, you're gonna have teams looking for better avenues to leave and reasons to leave."

Quoting Mark Richt: "I'm excited about the defense, but there's going to be a learning curve. Quite frankly, Todd's the only one who really knows what's going on. We've got the right guys, but they're all learning, too."

"Its' not so much what you run as how you run it. I think Todd has got a presence about him that guys respect, and I think we're going to get after it."

Quoting Urban Meyer: "Two years ago, after the '08 National Championship, Chuck Heater who's been with me a long time was sitting there talking about how the intent used to be just to get guys degrees. Nowadays, a college degree won't even guarantee you a job. So now we've taken it to the next level and we call the 'Real Life Tuesdays'. We're teaching them how to interview, we're teaching them the whole process of life after football, and it's not just get your degree, get your degree, because that's not going to guarantee you a job. There's a lot of people getting their degree that are having a hard time finding work. So the best way to do that is to bring in other athletes and community leaders. We meet in small groups, we have one-on-one's and then we have big lectures about life after football. So we've devoted a lot of even practice to make sure these young guys have a life after football."

"Yeah, I actually wasn't doing interviews for awhile because it was just nonsense. You were sitting there talking about one of the most prolific football players of all time, the highest passer percentage in SEC history and the second rated passer in the history of college football. Two national championships, a Heisman Trophy, and someone's saying I'm not sure he can play quarterback. But the people who know -- certainly Bill Belichick and Josh McDaniels and Jack Del Rio, they weren't saying that. To be honest, I don't know who was saying it. I was hearing it, but I wasn't watching the talking heads very much. But the people I was talking to, he was going to be a first round draft pick the whole time."

Quoting Bo Pelini: "I always tell the players in our program, ‘You're playing for the N on the side of the helmet. That's what it's all about. It's a lot bigger than you."

"When I first said that when I got to Nebraska, they looked at me like I had three heads - because in this day and age, it's always ... about the I generation - what can I get, how can I get mine? It is a lot bigger than that. It's about the guy next to him and the guy next to him and people who played before you."