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2010 Coaches Quick Hits

Monday July 5, 2010

Quoting Virginia head coach Mike London: "I am hoping that the support will continue to grow and people that haven't been here in a little bit will see that we are doing something positive and hopefully that works," he said. "My focus has been on [the players in summer school] along with doing speaking engagements and getting out there in the community.

"I am hoping that things will start to ramp up here a little bit as we get closer. I have gotten positive feedback from a lot of people that said they used to have season tickets and they are going to make an emphasis to get them renewed. I am hoping that attitude is catching all over."

Quoting Notre Dame head coach Brian Kelly: "If I came in the office everyday thinking I was the head coach at Notre Dame, Id jump out my window with the expectations. I'm focused on the process and the process for me is to work on winning every day. All the attention to detail, all the things that are necessary to build a championship program, that's really what I focus on. I did those every step of the way and I'm gonna continue to do them at Notre Dame. That's all I know. I've got 20 years experience as a head coach and I don't know how to do it any other way. I will rely on my instincts of working on winning every single day and focus on the process not being the head coach at Notre Dame."

Quoting Tennessee offensive line coach Harry Hiestand: "Derek lives it. He told me that families are welcome. That's exactly the way it is. When my wife got to town, the first person there (was Dooley). As soon as she walked in the door, he walked right up to her and welcomed her and let her know she was important.

"He knew her name. I was about to introduce them, then boom. She was hooked."

"I think what Coach (Dooley) is looking for I've got a chance to give him. He wants consistency. He wants guys that have a passion for what they do.

"He wants guys who care about their players on and off the field; that get involved in their lives and are mentors for them and aren't just looking for the next best things for themselves. And in my background, I haven't moved around a lot."

"You generally have some experienced players mixed in with some inexperienced players. We have inexperienced players mixed in with more inexperienced players. It is a challenge but that's what we're faced with. It's a challenge but what isn't?"

"A lot of people stay in (the NFL because) it's good for your retirement. There are benefits that way. But when this opportunity became available and I sat down and talked to Derek, I wanted to be part of it."

Quoting Illinois head coach Ron Zook: "At this time, it probably is but I think there's teams in the Big Ten Conference just as well as there's teams in the Southeastern Conference that can play against anybody.

The biggest thing that I've noticed is that maybe in the Southeastern Conference there's a few more big guys that can run, but trust me there's some awfully, awfully good players in the Big Ten Conference as well."

Quoting Western Kentucky head coach Willie Taggart: "I think Kentucky-Western Kentucky is a great game for the state. I know most people won't agree with me, but you have three Division I-A football teams in the state - Kentucky, Louisville and Western Kentucky. It's great that you play each other to get people out supporting each program."

"I think playing Kentucky will pay dividends for us down the road when we all get going like we should. We can be like those teams down in Florida. Why can't we do here what Florida, Florida State and Miami did? We can all be good. But the only way to do that is win games, and we know that."

"We are not going to settle just because everyone else thinks we should. There is nothing in the rule book that says we have to settle, so we are not. We are chasing greatness and hope to catch excellence along the way."

"To get the best players you have to compete, and you won't get them unless you compete. We are going to try and get the best. I don't believe in settling just because it is Kentucky or Louisville or because they have always been Division I. We are trying to get there, too. The only way we get there is winning those small battles, and that starts in recruiting."

Quoting Turner Gill: "Obviously, we're going to evaluate their physical skills as far as being able to throw, run or whatever we want them to do. But I'm more interested in how they handle things, good and bad. I want to know how they talk in the huddle, the tone of their voice. You always have to talk with confidence in the huddle, no matter what just happened on the play before. There's a lot of different intangibles, not just how well (a guy) throws or runs."