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2010 Coaches Quick Hits

Tuesday July 6, 2010

Quoting Texas Tech OC Neal Brown: "That is the biggest difference from a school like Troy to a Texas Tech. Overall, our talent is better but we had several kids at Troy that could have come to Tech and start and more that would play. The biggest difference is the recruiting. It is a grind and an every day deal. I feel like we have a pretty good start going. We are sitting here with eight commitments on offense and some pretty sought-after kids that we are beating some good people on. I think we are off to a good start.

 "When you are in this business and in one place for a long time, sometimes guys are ready for a change, and those players were ready for a change. They have been overwhelmingly positive overall. I was worried about that, but it has been good."

 "The only thing we have done is that we have kept the terminology they were using before. It was a little different terminology-wise at Troy than it is here, but it was easier to use their terminology and was the same we used at Kentucky when I was playing so it was not anything I had to really learn. I just had to adjust, but it was a smooth transition."

 "That (player's reaction to Leach leaving) was probably the number one thing I was worried about going there. I knew they had good players and it was a good situation to go in there. But I was really worried about reaction from players."

"However, I have been really surprised. From the first time I met with them as a group when I went down to take the job, they were really positive. For whatever reason, they were looking for a change. I think coach Leach did a great job, and you can't argue with his results. But it is hard."

Quoting Utah recruiting coordinator Morgan Scalley: "We're still looking at some spots at defensive ends and corners where we need to fill," he said. "We're getting to the point where we are looking at specific spots to fill."

"Staying in the MWC, you have to worry about teams poaching more. It will be a lot easier to keep a hold of them knowing we are going to the Pac-10."

Quoting ULM head coach Toddy Berry: "It's not a requirement, but almost everyone in college football does this. It isn't unique to college football, but it may be a first for here. Some come in both sessions and get 12 hours going into the fall. Three of four years ago, the NCAA allowed you to start coming early and get acclimated to the heat."

Quoting Tennessee AD Mike Hamilton: "The football stadium, we're taking a two-year break where we'll do some minor things, like painting and some general maintenance. We're looking at doing a major concert there in the summer of 2011."

"We've spent $125 million (on the Neyland renovation project) so far, and I think it will be between $200 and $225 million before we're through.''