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2010 Coaches Quick Hits

Monday July 12, 2010

Erin Andrews to host College Gameday?

Quoting Notre Dame head coach Brian Kelly: "I think I needed all 20 years of experience as a head coach to take on the challenge of being the head coach at Notre Dame. But I think you're right, it's one I'm pretty comfortable with."

"I just think we're different personalities. Charlie did what he believed was the recipe for his own success. We have different backgrounds, he was in the NFL and I was in college football. So I think it's less about Charlie and more about my style, which is a little bit different than what they've had maybe even since Lou Holtz. Again, I think my style fits what Notre Dame is looking for, and that is a coach that is not just football. You understand at the end of the day that's how you get graded, but there are so many more responsibilities to being the head coach."

Quoting Derek Dooley: "We just really set us back. So we've got to start over and rebuild, and we'll do that."

"As I have referenced on many occasions, a change in culture is achieved in time through a combination of education, discipline and support."

Quoting former Auburn assistant Hugh Nall: "When you get to be 50 in coaching and you're not a head coach, you see your career going downhill. People get concerned about your recruiting ability. You pretty much have to move on to the pros or go back down to the high school level.''

"The toughest thing (of not coaching) is the phone calls from ex-players telling you how much you helped them."

"I bought 49 acres in south Georgia. Got a little John Deere tractor and a little garden. It's nice to have Saturdays and Sundays off.''

Quoting Jay Paterno (on Joe Paterno): "He's getting ice cream, walking on the beach; jeez, he didn't do that much with me at the beach when I was a kid."

"There won't be anything that slows him down this fall. Most of [his condition] was overblown. We had staff meetings before he went on vacation, he had team meetings on academics and talked about, two years from now, when we're recruiting the next class. He's on top of everything. There's not any thought process in his mind that he's slowing down."

Quoting Kansas defensive line coach Buddy Wyatt: "Not knowing much about the guys going into the spring, I thought they played the run well, extremely well. We still need to improve on our pass rush."

"We've got to keep working on being more explosive off the football. We've got to get off on the ball better. We've got to realize the situation that we're in and anticipate that a little bit better."