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2010 Coaches Quick Hits

Tuesday July 13, 2010

Quoting Lane Kiffin: "Sure, I worry about it. I have spent hours and hours about how to best manage this, the numbers, how many guys you lose each year. If not managed perfectly, this could be crippling to a school. Wherever we have been, it's the No. 1 thing that we do. Now it's even more important, making sure that we take the right kids and also the management of this roster over the next four seasons."

"We continue to talk to people about why they chose to come to USC. I think you'll see a few [leave], but I don't think it will be as much as people anticipate. I think SC is still SC. The education that you receive here -- the kids who transfer out of here are throwing away something that can pay them dividends for years and years to come."

Quoting Pete Carroll: "It's been most difficult to watch everybody have to deal with it, whether it's the players or the coaches or the fans who support the university."

"I do feel responsible being connected with it. I've also felt a responsibility, with the way it's come down, to work to try to get the message out there and defend somewhat."

Quoting Dabo Swinney (if Kyle Parker doesn't return): "The biggest question will be, who is our third guy? Is there somebody on the team that we look at grooming? Is there a freshman coming in that could be an emergency guy for us? There's a lot of things that we'd have to look into."

Quoting Tennessee AD Mike Hamilton: "Anytime we go through something like this it just further confirms to me that -- in all honesty -- I feel like I'm in the right business. Because I like the ability to take kids who are going through the education process, and education looks a lot different in different ways, in different shapes, in different forms."

"We recognize that there are some issues out there, and anytime having gone through the transition we've gone through in the last two years, there will be some issues. Now we've got to set our way about going out and changing that culture and make sure we're recruiting the right kind of individuals and assess their character, which is a really difficult thing to do."

Quoting Mike London (on his essay contest for season tickets): "Virginia fans have really embraced the coaches and student-athletes in the program during my first seven months here as head coach. The passionate support of our fans will make a difference at Scott Stadium this fall and I want to do my part to help that effort."